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  • Teemo was one of the first champions to have their dance changed (his current one references Badgers by Weebl)
  • Teemo features in the Season 3 mastery Scout mastery 2013.png Scout's icon.
  • Teemo and Evelynn Evelynn are the only champions who can be permanently stealthed (Camouflage.png Camouflage and Shadow Walk.png Shadow Walk respectively)
  • Teemo's blowgun can be seen inside a weapons cabinet in the game's Mac Version trailer.
  • Teemo being the smallest champion in-game (100x100 units) has led to the creation of a measurement unit named after him (used to calculate ranges)
  • Over the years Teemo's abilities and backstory have led to the perception that he is an evil individual akin to a demonic figure (specifically Satan)
  • TeemoSquare.png Omega Squad Teemo [S|L] is voiced by a new actor because the previous one no longer works for Riot Games Inc..


TeemoSquare.png Omega Squad Teemo [S|L]


TeemoSquare.png Badger Teemo [S|L]
TeemoSquare.png Happy Elf Teemo [S|L]
TeemoSquare.png Astronaut Teemo [S|L]
TeemoSquare.png Cottontail Teemo [S|L]
TeemoSquare.png Super Teemo [S|L]
TeemoSquare.png Panda Teemo [S|L]
TeemoSquare.png Omega Squad Teemo [S|L]
TeemoSquare.png Little Devil Teemo [S|L]