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Effect After channeling for 3.5 seconds, your champion teleports to target turret, minion or ward. Teleporting to an allied turret puts Teleport on a 240 second cooldown instead. You may reactivate Teleport to cancel it, placing it on a 200 second cooldown.
Cooldown 300 seconds
Range Global
Breaks stealth Yes
Level 6
Teleport in action

Teleport is a targeted summoner spell. It is used to quickly travel from one location to a friendly turret, minion or ward anywhere on the map. It is not stopped like Recall.png Recall upon damage, but can still be disrupted by hard crowd control abilities such as stuns, roots, and silences. Teleporting to an allied minion or ward will make it invulnerable for the duration of the channel, but it will not make turrets invulnerable.

Cooldown: Normal Turret Cancelled
Normal 300 240 200
With 3 points in Summoner's Insight 270 216 180
With Distortion 240 192 160
With both 216 173 144


Teleport is great for ganking if the enemy commits to a fight and is around friendly minions or turrets. Teleport is also used to quickly switch lanes to defend an unguarded tower. Another use for teleport is a backdoor maneuver where a high damage per second champion places a ward inside or near the enemy base and teleports to that ward. From there that champion will attempt to bring down as many towers and inhibitors as possible.


  • Teleport will be cancelled by the caster becoming stunned, rooted, silenced, feared, or taunted. However, since it is not interrupted by damage it is possible to use it to escape enemy champions that lacks any way to interrupt channels, such as VladimirSquare.png Vladimir, or with the interrupt on a long cooldown ultimate, such as AsheSquare.png Ashe, or requires an ally for the interrupt, such as KalistaSquare.png Kalista, or a combination of above, such as BraumSquare.png Braum, provided that you can survive 3.5 seconds.
  • A teleport can also be cancelled by the caster itself by activating the spell again, but doing so will put the spell on a 200 second cooldown (as opposed to the full 300 second cooldown).
  • Teleport renders the targeted minion invulnerable for the duration of the teleport, even against the Nexus Obelisk. It is possible to use teleport on a minion targeted by an enemy tower when teleporting to assist a push, preventing tower damage for those 4 seconds. It will also stop the minion from attacking or moving. While champions could use crowd control abilities to move the targeted minion, the teleporting champion will still arrive at the original position.
  • Stealthed objects targeted by the spell Teleport will be destealthed for the duration of the teleport.
  • When using teleport on an allied tower, the tower does not become invulnerable, although it can still attack. If Teleport is successful, it will be put on a 240 seconds cooldown, instead of the normal 300 second cooldown. Also, if the tower is destroyed as you are channeling, the teleport particle will vanish and your teleport will be cancelled - putting it on 200 seconds cooldown.
  • While standing at an end of a wall or other standing out part of terrain, using Teleport slightly increases vision radius just around the corners in the fog of war.
  • Turrets cannot be teleported to within the first 10 seconds of a game.
  • Teleport will be cancelled by the caster becoming stunned, rooted, silenced, feared, or taunted.
  • Stealth wards can expire during the channel, but this will not prevent the caster from arriving at its original position.


In addition to any friendly minion or turret, Teleport can be used on a number of allied constructs. These include, but are not limited to:

However, Teleport does not work on:

Patch history

  • Reduced cooldown for Teleporting to an allied turret increased to 240 seconds from 200.


  • Teleporting to an allied turret now refunds 100 seconds of the cooldown.
  • Cooldown refunded for cancelling Teleport reduced to 100 seconds from 150 seconds.
  • New particles and sounds
  • (undocumented) Channel duration reduced to 3.5 seconds from 4 seconds.
  • (undocumented) Spell is available from Summoner level 6 instead of level 2.


  • Icon updated


  • Fixed a bug where Teleport.png Teleport's "incoming" visual effect on the target unit would disappear if cast on an expiring temporary unit, such as JarvanIVSquare.png Jarvan IV's Demacian Standard.png standard or ThreshSquare.png Thresh's Dark Passage.png lantern.


  • Fixed a bug where Teleport.png Teleport could be used after being affected by crowd control effects.


  • Fixed a rare bug causing it to not function properly.


  • Fixed a bug where champions could be pulled across the map while teleporting.


  • Using Summoner Teleport.png Teleport on a ward will no longer reveal the ward through fog of war to enemies. Instead, it will destealth the ward to be seen if an enemy is near and reveal the teleport particle through fog of war to enemies.


  • Using Teleport.png Teleport on a ward will now reveal the ward to enemies for a few seconds.


  • Wards and TeemoSquare.png Teemo's Noxious Trap.png mushrooms are no longer targetable/manipulated by spells (except Summoner Teleport.png Teleport).


  • Cancel delay increased to 1 second from 0.5.


  • Fixed a bug where Summoner Teleport.png Teleport refreshed your W slot's cooldown when used.


  • Can no longer be cast while rooted.


  • Now removes stealth when used.


  • Will now allow you to travel to all allied towers, not just the forward most towers in a lane.


  • Fixed a bug where the spell could be cast on a minion right before it died, allowing the player to teleport invisibly to a location.


  • Teleport.png Teleport can now be cancelled.


  • Teleport.png Teleport can no longer be used while being revived by Guardian Angel item.png Guardian Angel.


  • Fixed a bug where if your champion dies while teleporting, the target it is teleporting to remains bound.


  • Cooldown increased to 5 minutes from 4.5.


  • Added a new particle effect.


  • Teleport.png Teleport will now cancel when stunned, rooted, silenced, netted, taunted and slept.

July 10, 2009 Patch:

  • Now has a golden Teleport.png Teleport particle.

June 26, 2009 Patch:

  • Spatial Accuracy mastery s1.png Spatial Accuracy – Reduces Teleport.png Teleport's cast time by 0.5 seconds, and reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds.

June 19, 2009 Patch:

  • Tooltip fixed to correctly show the cooldown at 5 minutes.

May 23, 2009 Patch:

  • Cooldown reduced to 3.5 minutes from 4 minutes.

May 15, 2009 Patch:

  • Fixed a bug that caused you to teleport in 2 seconds instead of 3.

May 9, 2009 Patch:

  • Cooldown reduced to 4 minutes from 5 minutes.

April 11, 2009 Patch:

  • Cooldown reduced to 5 minutes from 7 minutes.

Alpha Week 7:

  • Fixed cast range.

Alpha Week 6:

  • Cooldown reduced to 6 minutes from 7 minutes.

Alpha Week 5:

  • Cooldown increased to 7 minutes from 3 minutes.

Alpha Week 4:

  • Cooldown increased to 3 minutes from 2 minutes.

Alpha Week 3:

  • Teleport.png Teleport no longer makes the target invulnerable.
  • Spatial Accuracy mastery s1.png Spatial Accuracy reduces cast time reduction decreased to 0.5 from 1.

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