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The Bloodthirster
The Bloodthirster
"The souls of the damned never truly rest."
Tier Legendary
Stats +70 attack damage
+12% life steal
Passive Grants +1 attack damage and +0.2% life steal per stack (max +30 attack damage and +6% life steal). Gains 1 stack per unit kill (max 30 stacks). Half of the current stacks are lost upon death.
Menu Attack > Damage
Attack > Life Steal
Item cost 3200g (850g)
Sell value 2240g
Item Code 3072

The Bloodthirster is a legendary item in League of Legends.[1]


Unearthed near the marshes of Kaladoun, the Bloodthirster is thought to have belonged to a powerful soulstealer named Frax Van Itt. The wielder of this dangerous weapon is forever bound to the blade and its thirst for the blood of others.


The Bloodthirster item
The Bloodthirster
3200 gold (850 gold)
B. F. Sword item
1550 gold
Vampiric Scepter item
800 gold (440 gold)
Long Sword item
360 gold

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold Value per Stack

  • 1 attack damage = 36g
  • 0.2% life steal = 8.8g
    • Total Gold Value = 44.8g

Total Gold Value (Fully Stacked) = 4392g

Gold Efficiency

  • The Bloodthirster is 95.3% gold efficient with no stacks. Its gold efficiency increases by 1.4% per stack, becoming gold efficient by the fourth stack and reaching 137.3% gold efficiency at maximum stacks.

Similar items



  • The Bloodthirster has a stacking feature where minion kills count (unlike Sword of the Occult and Mejai's Soulstealer, where only champion kills and assists count).
  • Multiple Bloodthirsters stack at the same time; it is not necessary to stack each Bloodthirster individually.
  • Destroying turrets adds stacks to the item.
  • When this item has 25 stacks or more, it provides the second highest amount of attack damage from a single item in League of Legends, after a fully stacked Sword of the Occult, which adds 110 attack damage. Maw of Malmortius is close behind at 95 damage when the wielder is below 30% of their maximum health.
  • The Bloodthirster grants more attack damage per gold than a B. F. Sword at 23 stacks or more.
  • Sanguine Blade is The Bloodthirster's counterpart on the Crystal Scar, the Twisted Treeline, and the Howling Abyss.
  • The Bloodthirster's image is essentially based on the same generic sword image as Sheen, with a different orientation, coloring, and detailing.

Patch History

V3.14 Hotfix:
  • Combine cost increased to 850g from 650g.
    • Total cost increased to 3200g from 3000g.


  • Combine cost reduced to 650g from 850g.
    • Total cost reduced to 3000g from 3200g.


  • Combine cost increased to 850g from 650g.
    • Total cost increased to 3200g from 3000g.


  • Combine cost reduced to 650g from 900g.
  • Base attack damage increased to 70 from 60.
  • Passive maximum stacks reduced to 30 from 40.
    • Maximum attack damage from stacks is now 30, down from 40.
    • Maximum life steal from stacks is now 6%, down from 8%.


  • Life steal reduced to 12% from 15%.
  • Life steal per stack reduced to 0.2% from 0.25%.
  • Now only loses half stacks on death rather than all of them.


  • Now shows you in its tooltip what the current stats on its passive are.

May 15, 2009 Patch:

  • Life steal increased to 15% from 10%.
  • Damage cap reduced to 40 from 60.
  • Life steal cap reduced to 10% from 15%.


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