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The Brutalizer
The Brutalizer
Tier Advanced
Stats +25 attack damage
Passive Unique: +10% cooldown reduction
Unique: +10 armor penetration
Menu Attack > Damage
Magic > Cooldown Reduction
Item cost 1337g (617g)
Sell value 936g
Item Code 3134

The Brutalizer is an advanced item in League of Legends.[1]


The Brutalizer item
The Brutalizer
1337 gold (617 gold)
Long Sword item
360 gold
Long Sword item
360 gold

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency

  • The Brutalizer is 91% gold efficient.
  • For the item to be gold efficient, the armor penetration stat must have a value of at least 120g.

Builds Into

Similar Items


  • The total gold cost is 1337g, a reference to Leet.
  • The Brutalizer and Trinity Force are the only items that have a cost value not being a multiple of 5.
  • As with all unnamed unique effects, The Brutalizer's cooldown reduction and armor penetration will stack with any other items that provide them, including Youmuu's Ghostblade and The Black Cleaver.

Patch History

  • Combine cost increased to 617g from 547g (total cost remains the same due to Long Sword's price being reduced).


  • Flat armor penetration reduced to 10 from 15.


V0.9.25.24: Added.

  • The Brutalizer
    • Recipe: 2x Long Sword (400g x 2) + 507g
    • +25 attack damage
    • Unique passive: +10% cooldown reduction.
    • Unique passive: +15 Armor Penetration.


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