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Screaming into existence with the birth of the universe, the Void is a manifestation of the unknowable nothingness that lies beyond. It is a force of insatiable hunger, waiting through the eons until its masters, the mysterious Watchers, mark the final time of undoing.

To be a mortal touched by this power is to suffer an agonizing glimpse of eternal unreality, enough to shatter even the strongest mind. Denizens of the Void realm itself are construct-creatures, often of only limited sentience, but tasked with a singular purpose—to usher in total oblivion across Runeterra.

Champions of the Void

Other Related Champions

  • AatroxSquare Aatrox fought multiple voidborn in the past.
  • Aurelion SolSquare Aurelion Sol fought voidborn and sealed a Void rift.
  • JaxSquare Jax originally comes from the Void ruined city of Icathia.
  • LissandraSquare Lissandra was turned into an Iceborn by the Watchers.
  • NamiSquare Nami obtained an abyssal pearl near an underwater Void rift.
  • NasusSquare Nasus fought multiple voidborn in the past.
  • OrnnSquare Ornn helped to combat the Watchers in Freljords ancient times.
  • PantheonSquare Pantheon fought multiple voidborn in the past.
  • RenektonSquare Renekton fought multiple voidborn in the past.
  • RengarSquare Rengar fought a voidborn named Kha'ZixSquare Kha'Zix.
  • RhaastSquare Rhaast fought multiple voidborn in the past.
  • RyzeSquare Ryze fought his master in Icathia to prevent the use of two World Runes.
  • TaliyahSquare Taliyah's tribe originally lived near the Void rift of Icathia.
  • VarusSquare Varus fought multiple voidborn in the past.
  • ZileanSquare Zilean originally comes from the Void ruined city of Icathia.


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Where Icathia Once Stood

  • Rupturing the world is an ancient and infinite voracity: The Void. We are forsaken. We are the feast.
  • Starring JaxSquare Jax.

Sai Khaleek

  • Fear not ambush from the hills, nor winged beasts from the skies. The true terror of Shurima comes from the sand, and gives no warning of her presence.
  • Starring Rek'SaiSquare Rek'Sai.

The Terror Beneath

  • Traders whisper stories of a beast below Shurima's sands. They say she stalks the caravans that dare cross her domain. They say she hunts those that run, and kills those that fight. But what if the stories aren't simple stories? What if they're true?

The Terror Beneath

The Terror Beneath

Scourge of the Desert

  • Not even Noxian might can beat the Terror from beneath.

Rek'Sai Scourge of the Desert

Rek'Sai Scourge of the Desert

Instrument of Destruction

  • Hmm. Void-native melting point is inconsistent.
  • Starring Vel'KozSquare Vel'Koz.

First Contact

Vel'Koz First Contact

Vel'Koz First Contact

None Shall Pass

  • Who wants the piece of the champ?
  • Starring JaxSquare Jax and FioraSquare Fiora.

Into the Abyss

  • Deep in the oceans of Runeterra, the Marai are protected from terrors by the light of a moonstone. Through an ancient ritual, the Marai choose one of their people to dive into the abyss and retrieve an abyssal pearl, which is exchanged with a landwalker for the moonstone. Their chosen Tidecaller has not returned.NamiSquare Nami, a headstrong girl of the Marai, decides to descend into the black before the moonstone's light dims forever…[1]

Nami - Into the Abyss 00Cover
Nami - Into the Abyss 01
Nami - Into the Abyss 02
Nami - Into the Abyss 03
Nami - Into the Abyss 04
Nami - Into the Abyss 05
Nami - Into the Abyss 06
Nami - Into the Abyss 07
Nami - Into the Abyss 08
Nami - Into the Abyss 09
Nami - Into the Abyss 10
Nami - Into the Abyss 11
Nami - Into the Abyss 12
Nami - Into the Abyss 13
Nami - Into the Abyss 14
Nami - Into the Abyss 15
Nami - Into the Abyss 16
Nami - Into the Abyss 17
Nami - Into the Abyss 18
Nami - Into the Abyss 19
Nami - Into the Abyss 20
Nami - Into the Abyss 21
Nami - Into the Abyss 22
Nami - Into the Abyss 23
Nami - Into the Abyss 24
Nami - Into the Abyss 25
Nami - Into the Abyss 26
Nami - Into the Abyss 27
Nami - Into the Abyss 28
Nami - Into the Abyss 29
Nami - Into the Abyss 30
Nami - Into the Abyss 31
Nami - Into the Abyss 32
Nami - Into the Abyss 33
Nami - Into the Abyss 34
Nami - Into the Abyss 35
Nami - Into the Abyss 36
Nami - Into the Abyss 37
Nami - Into the Abyss 38
Nami - Into the Abyss 39
Nami - Into the Abyss 40
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Nami - Into the Abyss 44
Nami - Into the Abyss 45
Nami - Into the Abyss 46
Nami - Into the Abyss 47
Nami - Into the Abyss 48
Nami - Into the Abyss 49
Nami - Into the Abyss 50
Nami - Into the Abyss 51
Nami - Into the Abyss 52
Nami - Into the Abyss 53
Nami - Into the Abyss 54
Nami - Into the Abyss 55
Nami - Into the Abyss 56
Nami - Into the Abyss 57
Nami - Into the Abyss 58
Nami - Into the Abyss 59
Nami - Into the Abyss 60
Nami - Into the Abyss 61
Nami - Into the Abyss 62
Nami - Into the Abyss 63
Nami - Into the Abyss 64
Nami - Into the Abyss 65
Nami - Into the Abyss 66
Nami - Into the Abyss 67
Nami - Into the Abyss 68
Nami - Into the Abyss 69
Nami - Into the Abyss 70
Nami - Into the Abyss 71
Nami - Into the Abyss 72
Nami - Into the Abyss 73
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Nami - Into the Abyss 75
Nami - Into the Abyss 76
Nami - Into the Abyss 77
Nami - Into the Abyss 78
Nami - Into the Abyss 79
Nami - Into the Abyss 80
Nami - Into the Abyss 81
Nami - Into the Abyss 82
Nami - Into the Abyss 83
Nami - Into the Abyss 84
Nami - Into the Abyss 85
Nami - Into the Abyss 86
Nami - Into the Abyss 87
Nami - Into the Abyss 88
Nami - Into the Abyss 89
Nami - Into the Abyss 90
Nami - Into the Abyss 91
Nami - Into the Abyss 92
Nami - Into the Abyss 93
Nami - Into the Abyss 94
Nami - Into the Abyss 95
Nami - Into the Abyss 96
Nami - Into the Abyss 97
Nami - Into the Abyss 98


  • Hunter or prey? The lines get blurred when Kai’Sa must hunt down a pack of deadly predators.

Kai’sa Breach Comic Cover

Kai’sa Breach Comic Cover

Kai'Sa Breach cover

Kai'Sa Breach pr01

Kai'Sa Breach pr02

Kai'Sa Breach pr03

Kai'Sa Breach pr04

Kai'Sa Breach pr05

Kai'Sa Breach pr06

Kai'Sa Breach pr07

Kai'Sa Breach pr08

Kai'Sa Breach pr09

Kai'Sa Breach pr10

Kai'Sa Breach pr11

Kai'Sa Breach pr12

Kai'Sa Breach pr13

Kai'Sa Breach pr14

Kai'Sa Breach pr15

Kai'Sa Breach pr16

The Girl Who Came Back

  • My appearance may frighten you, but make no mistake—I am on your side, and we fight to the bitter end.
  • Starring Kai'SaSquare Kai'Sa.


"The void is not so much a place ‒ it is a power, reaching out to consume all life."
Kai'Sa 0376
e Kai'SaSquare Kai'Sa
A place between dimensions and between worlds. To some it is known as the Outside, to others it is the Unknown. To most, however, it is called the Void. It is a timeless place inhabited by various seemingly intelligent entities who, for reasons beyond human understanding, have the desire to gain entrance to and vitiate the worlds outside their realm. These creatures are called 'Voidborn'. According to Vel'KozSquare Vel'Koz, the Void is a very dark place, both he and Cho'GathSquare Cho'Gath said that the daylight in Runeterra is too strong for them.
Void Icathia

The lost city called Icathia seems to be connected to the Void, as some Voidborn are known to have appeared in the place and some mortals are known to have gained the Void's power in it. Mortals who encounter the power of the Void generally have one of two reactions:

  • Like MalzaharSquare Malzahar, the Prophet of the Void, their minds may be overwhelmed and they may become willing servants to the dark apocalyptic destinies they see emanating from the Abyss. On Runeterra, these individuals are referred to as 'the Cult of the Void'.
  • Like KassadinSquare Kassadin, the Void Walker, they may be horrified and shocked into an unyielding desire to lay down their lives to forestall the doom they see. On Runeterra, these individuals are referred to as 'The Preservers'.

Some historical evidence show that, in times long past, there were massive magical projects throughout Runeterra oriented toward creating a bulwark against the Void. These projects and their history, however, remain apocryphal.

Currently, MalzaharSquare Malzahar performs rituals with his followers to sacrifice humans to the Void. In one instance KassadinSquare Kassadin tried to stop him, however MalzaharSquare Malzahar managed to trick KassadinSquare Kassadin into sending his daughter Kai'SaSquare Kai'Sa into the Void.

  • It is implied that living beings that enter the void are corrupted and transformed into Voidborn creatures, as is the case with the Rift HeraldSquare Rift Herald being a mutated Rift ScuttlerSquare Rift Scuttler.
    • A contrary case is the return of Kai'SaSquare Kai'Sa, who managed to remain practically unaffected by surviving in a void symbiote suit.


Visions of The Void

Void The Fall of Icathia

A great and terrible battle was fought against the Void before the walls of ancient Icathia. In the aftermath, the lands all around the damned city became deserted wastes, and its very existence was struck from the maps of Shurima. It was hoped, perhaps foolishly, that the horrors unleashed there would eventually be forgotten…

Void The Voidborn

Though it has bred many of them, no two horrors of the Void are exactly the same. Their otherworldly forms are as varied as they are terrifying—yet all are driven by an insatiable hunger, with the eerie pulsing of their hearts driving them relentlessly onward.

Void Armored in Darkness

Some legends suggest that, when they first emerge into the Runeterran air, the Voidborn are generally pale, fibrous and flexible. As they age, sections of their form harden into a darker, shell-like chitin, which can become strong enough to turn aside almost any weapon.

Void The Rupture

In the outskirts of Icathia lies the Rupture—evidence of the Void itself bursting forth from deep beneath the ground, in an age now lost to history. Though the bold and the curious alike have often sought to learn more, only the most foolhardy explorer would ever dare venture into the dark spaces beneath.

Void Salt The Earth

One of the few known ways to combat the Void is to starve it. With no organic or magical sustenance nearby, the Void’s material growth will slow, until it eventually falls into a dormant state.

Void An Unknowable Power

In the abyssal darkness, deep underground, it is believed that the first great Void creatures to walk the surface of Runeterra now lie, dormant and unseen. If that is true, then they have waited patiently through the millennia, and it must surely now be time for them to rise once more.

Void The Touch of The Void

Over the centuries, many mortals from the world above have answered the Void’s call, or been dragged down against their will. There are those among them—few and far between—who have survived the encounter... though not a single one of them returned unchanged.



See also Watchers

Voidling Emergence

Voidborn are shown to vary greatly in intelligence and development: Vel'KozSquare Vel'Koz and Cho'GathSquare Cho'Gath are highly intelligent (In due time Kha'ZixSquare Kha'Zix may aswell, but requires to assimilate other organic creatures.), while Kog'MawSquare Kog'Maw is rather primitive (This may be due to fact that he is an infant) and Rek'SaiSquare Rek'Sai is primeval and non-sapient, more akin to a wild animal. As such there are also different hierarchies, Rek'SaiSquare Rek'Sai for example is the queen of her kind and feared by the other Voidborn. Vel'KozSquare Vel'Koz is likely in the higher hierarchy however, as he is allowed and able to execute other Voidborn should they become problematic for him.

There currently exist two lesser Voidborn creatures who are summonable to the plane of Runeterra for a short time.

These lesser voidborn are both quadrupeds, with insectile legs that are similar in appearance. They are smaller in size in comparison to other voidborn, being around the size of a minion, implying that they may not be fully matured. It has been hinted that they are non-sapient, and possess no lead nor master; however, their demeanors can be (forcefully) lieged to those that summon them. These voidborn appear to be linked in some way to the champion who summoned them, being able to either increase their strength either directly from the summoners own strength (VoidlingSquare Voidling) or defense (VoidspawnSquare Voidspawn).

There are multiple species of voidborn with only two being known: the Xer'Sai and the Zz'Rot. The Xer'Sai run rampant across the Sai Desert, a vast wasteland in southern Shurima, with their queen Rek'Sai being the apex predator of the entire region. The Zz'Rot are diminutive quadrupeds with a volatile biology. They are also the only voidborn whose method of entry to Runeterra is known; their usage of portals. Presumably the remaining named voidborn: Cho'GathSquare Cho'Gath, Kog'MawSquare Kog'Maw, Kha'ZixSquare Kha'Zix, Vel'KozSquare Vel'Koz and Baron NashorSquare Baron Nashor are also members of individual species.

The flesh of a voidborn is not edible for humans and decays very fast after their death.


The Void is a nightmarish dimension said to exist outside space and time, where terrifying living weapons were wrought to win an ancient and long-since ended war. No-one truly understands how the Void came into existence, but tales of its terrible denizens have wormed their way into the dream consciousness of almost every culture's legends, creation myths, and dark folktales. Those few scattered grimoires and madmen that dare speak of the Void at all speak of it as an infinite realm of unfettered creation, tortured landscapes of crazed organic machinery, magical weapon-looms and mountainous flesh-forges. None have yet ventured into the Void and lived, for mortals would almost certainly be consumed and woven into the endless process of creation.

In places where the mystical barriers between Runeterra and the Void have been worn thin, the air feels charged, and fantastical occurrences are the norm. Rivers run with vibrant colors, flowers bloom with incredible perfumes, and living beings experience psychedelic visions and surges in magical power. For a time, such places are wondrous and brimming with miracles, but soon the landscape is twisted into new and deadly forms, and if the Void is able to consume enough biomass to survive, it can grow and evolve into something ferocious and terrifying.


All Voidborn carry names said to be in Ancient Shuriman. A common naming convention amongst the voidborn is to have their unique name be combined with the last syllable of their species name, being separated by an apostrophe in the middle. (i.e. Rek'SaiSquare Rek'Sai's name, where "Rek" is her unique name, and "Sai" would be the last syllable of her species' name [Xer'Sai])


Void profileicon

  • Galactic Azir
  • Nightmare Cho'Gath
  • Void Fizz
  • Void Bringer Illaoi
  • Dark Star Jarvan IV
  • Harbinger Kassadin
  • Pre-Void Kassadin
  • Dark Star Kha'Zix
  • Overlord Malzahar
  • Void Nocturne
  • Dark Star Orianna
  • Dark Star Thresh
  • Dark Star Varus


Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void - Login Screen

Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void - Login Screen

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Kai’sa Breach Comic Cover

Kai’sa Breach Comic Cover

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