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  • Thresh was designed by CertainlyT.[1]
  • To "thresh" means to separate grain from wheat, usually with a sickle, or by a revolving mechanism. Thresh's weapon is very similar to a sickle, and his victims and their souls could be seen as the wheat and grain. The way Thresh swings his chain could allude to the way grain is separated from wheat using a revolving mechanism.
  • Thresh is the first champion to be released in 2013.
    • Incidentally, his base health at level 18 is 2013.
  • Thresh is possibly inspired by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, particularly the rider symbolizing Death. (The other horsemen theme champions to have been released so far are  Karthus  Mordekaiser and  Hecarim.)
  • Thresh was the first champion to be released with the new champion price structure, costing IP 7800 for the first week.[2]
  • When Thresh dies his own soul is harvested by his lantern. You can faintly hear his fearful laments as his soul is removed.
  • Thresh's story is similar to that of the main antagonist, a mad doctor, from the movie Asylum. Both loved torturing their prisoners/patients until the victims' riot which resulted in their revenge against the warden/doctor, but both returned to continue their murderous and sadistic acts.
  • Thresh tricked  Lucian's wife, Senna, and trapped her soul in his lantern, for which he seeks revenge.
  • The weapon that Thresh uses is similar to the kusarigama - a weapon that consists of a sickle attached to a metal chain with a heavy weight at the end. The weapon was traditionally used by ninjas in Feudal Japan.
  • Thresh and  Urgot were previously the only ranged champions classified as tanks. However, as of the Summer 2013 role-rework, Thresh is now classified as a Support/Fighter.
  • Thresh is the second ranged champion to not use projectiles for ranged basic attacks, the first being  Kayle.
    • Thresh has, in fact, three different attack animations. In melee range, he hits directly with the sickle, at mid-range he swings his sickle in a circular and horizontal movement, and at long-range he uses it like a whip. Mid range is around 250-300 unit of distance.
  • When reaching a certain amount of movement speed, Thresh's movement animation shows him gliding instead of running.
  • When Thresh dances, he swings his scythe and his lantern like a pair poi (or kiwido or bolas), a side by side comparison can be seen here. The tricks Thresh does is a basic forward weave, a stationary forward windmill and an alternating behind-the-back butterfly.
    • If Thresh throws his lantern and dances, he will swing only the scythe and the hook that the lantern rests on, instead of both the lantern and the scythe.
  • With all his hooks, chains, many of the elements in his background, and the ability names "Keeper of Lost Souls" (former), "Flay", and "The Box" it is possible that Thresh's motif is a reference to Clive Barker's Hellraiser franchise.
  • Thresh's  Death Sentence ability has a unique quirk; unlike most spells with a windup casting time, Thresh does not face the specific direction he is casting the ability until he actually sends out the hook. CertainlyT deliberately designed the ability to fit in with Thresh's theme of causing terror in his enemies. [3]
  • Thresh is the first champion with an ability that can affect an allied champions position, namely  Dark Passage.
  • Thresh currently has the strongest slowing crowd control effect in the game, with  The Box slowing by 99%.
    • It may be noted though, that there is a hard cap for movement speed at 110. Therefore, any slow above 75% is not used to its full potential. For more information check movement speed.
  • Thresh's login music is a reference to the nursery rhyme(s) "Rain Rain Go Away" and/or "Ring Around the Rosey".
    • Thresh is one of the four champions who features lyrics in his opening theme.  The others being  Diana,  Vi, and  Jinx.
  •  Nunu and  Willump will drop  one soul each, for a total of two souls! [4] It is a Hidden Passive.
    • While similar,  Sejuani and  Bristle only drop one soul between them. This had led to a joke among the community that Sejuani has ginger hair in reference to the internet meme that gingers have no soul. [5]
    • However,  Katarina,  Leona and  Miss Fortune are redheaded and do drop a soul upon death.
    • Sejuani and Bristle's case may also stem from the religious belief that animals have no souls.[6]
  • Although Zombie Brand and Haunted Maokai also have revival animations prior to Thresh's release, Thresh is the first champion to have the revival animation in his classic skin.
  • Thresh is one of four champions that can theoretically infinitely increase their stats by using their abilities, in Thresh's case its his ability power and armor. The other three are Nasus (Q damage), Sion (health) and Veigar (ability power).  However, the number of souls caps at 999,999, at which point Thresh will have 749,999 bonus armor and ability power.
  •  The Box in Lucian's Death recap states "You have broken the wall. Your price is death".
  • Thresh represents Gluttony as one of the Seven deadly sins.


  • Thresh's quote "Come out and play!" is shared with  Draven.
  • Thresh's quote, "I am the thing under the bed," might be a response to  Cho'Gath's "No, I do not live under a bed... fool!". It is also a reference to the bogeyman - the original "Monster under the bed".
  • Thresh shares a quote with Evelynn, Ezreal,   Irelia, and  Annie - "This way."
  • Thresh and  Caitlyn share a quote when they use their Ultimates - "Nowhere to hide"


Deep Terror Thresh

  • This skin may be a reference to Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and in turn a reference to the legend of Davy Jones' Locker. The skin shows some resemblance to the design of the character Davy Jones and his crew, with a similar dark aquatic motif. To 'send someone to Davy Jones' Locker' is a euphemism for sending them to the bottom of the ocean, effectively damning them; Deep Terror Thresh may be a twist on the legend of Davy Jones, with his lantern being the literal 'locker'.
  • When Thresh recalls while using this skin, he brings out a chest and stands on it with a pose similar to Captain Morgan.
  • Thresh has a random second recall animation where, instead of pulling out a chest, he pulls out a tire and slumps in disappointment. It can be seen here.

Championship Thresh

  • This skin has many references to the number three, likely due to being released as a promotional skin for the Season Three World Championship. Examples of this are Thresh's robe splitting into three tails, the top of his lantern being split into three parts and the presence of a crest with three lines on his back resembling the Roman numeral for three.
  • It could be noted that Thresh has 3 'dreadlocks', possibly hinting to another reference to the number three.


  • Being a member of the Shadow Isles, Thresh has relations with numerous of its inhabitants. One of which are  Karthus,  Mordekaiser and  Hecarim who he considers as friends.
  • By stealing the soul of  Lucian's dead wife Senna, Thresh has made himself an enemy of the Purifier.


Thresh's Theme

Cling clang go the chains,

Someone's out to find you.
Cling clang oh the chains,

The Warden's right behind you.

Quick now, the seeking chains,
Approach with their shrill scrape.
Don't stop, flee the chains,
Your last chance to escape.

Drag the chains, drag the chains,
With all the strength you may!
Drag the chains, drag the chains,
'ere they drag you away!

Cling clang go the chains,
There's no more time for fear!

Cling clang know the chains,
The last sound that you'll hear...

Thresh League Of Legends Login Screen With Music01:23

Thresh League Of Legends Login Screen With Music

Login Screen

Thresh Champion Spotlight05:56

Thresh Champion Spotlight

Champion Spotlight


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