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  • Thresh was the first champion to be released in 2013 (same number as his level 18 base health on release)
  • Thresh was the first champion to cost IP icon 7800 on first week after release.* The Chain Warden's name originated from Proto-Germanic verb þreskanan[1].
  • Thresh and UrgotSquare Urgot used to be the only champions classified as Ranged role ranged Tank icon tanks before having their roles changes in 2013.
  • Thresh, AzirSquare Azir, KayleSquare Kayle, and Vel'KozSquare Vel'Koz are the only Ranged role ranged champions whose basic attacks don't use projectiles.
    • Thresh has three different basic attack animations (depending on how far he is from the target he is hitting) as well as a special death animation when killed while Death Sentence Death Sentence is active (he laughs spitefully at the affected target)
  • Thresh glides when having high movement speed.
  • Thresh's dance references Poi (he swings his Flay scythe and Dark Passage lantern, or his scythe and the lantern's hook if he cast Dark Passage Dark Passage before dancing)
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Dark Passage Dark Passage is the first in-game ability that grants an allied displacement.
  • The Box The Box and a fully-ranked Time Warp Time Warp apply the strongest in-game Slow icon slows (99%)
  • Thresh's login screen music references Rain Rain Go Away and/or Ring a Ring o' Roses.
    • Thresh, DianaSquare Diana, JinxSquare Jinx, and ViSquare Vi are the only champions to feature lyrics in their login themes.
  • Thresh was the first champion to feature a respawn animation on his Classic skin.
  • Death Recap reads "You have opened The Box The Box. Your prize: death" if the ability was involved in the kill.
  • Thresh is named after Dennis 'Thresh' Fong, who popularized WASD movement keys and is considered the first professional gamer.


ThreshSquare Classic Thresh [S|L]
ThreshSquare Dark Star Thresh [S|L]
  • "Beware - I live" references Sinistar.


ThreshSquare Classic Thresh [S|L]
ThreshSquare Deep Terror Thresh [S|L]
ThreshSquare Championship Thresh [S|L]
ThreshSquare Blood Moon Thresh [S|L]
ThreshSquare SSW Thresh [S|L]
ThreshSquare Dark Star Thresh [S|L]


  • Thresh was a member of the Brotherhood of Dusk located in the heart of the Blessed Isles, turned undead when the Blade of the Ruined King item Ruination struck.
  • Thresh tricked LucianSquare Lucian's wife Senna, claiming her soul and storing it in his Dark Passage lantern.


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