Champion Select

  • Tristana Select new
    "Once a Bandle gunner, always a Bandle gunner!"
  • Tristana.move09
    "Let me get in there!"

Upon starting a game

  • Tristana.start01
    "I call frontline."
  • Tristana.start02
    "I bravely volunteer to charge in recklessly!"
  • Tristana.start03
    "Locked, loaded, and ready to rocket!"


  • Tristana.attack01
    "I'm going in!"
  • Tristana.attack02
  • Tristana.attack03
    "Let's get in range!"
  • Tristana.attack04
    "I can eyeball it!"
  • Tristana.attack05
    "Nothing a little gunpowder won't fix!"
  • Tristana.attack06
    "Check the kick on this sucker!"
  • Tristana.attack07
    "Things are heating up!"
  • Tristana.attack08
    "Watch this."
  • Tristana.attack09
    "Here comes the boom!"
  • Tristana.attack10
    "I got this one!"
  • Tristana.attack11
    "We've got this!"
  • Tristana.attack12
    "Light 'em up!"
  • Tristana.attack13
    "Direct hit!"
  • Tristana.attack14
    "Boomer says hi."
  • Tristana.attack15
    "Ready, aim, fire!"
  • Tristana.attack16
    "War stories don't write themselves."
  • Tristana.attack17
    "Blast 'em!"
  • Tristana.attack18
    "They joined the wrong army!"
  • Tristana.attack19
    "Leave it to me!"
  • Tristana.attack20
    "Hey, where'd you go?"
  • Tristana.attack21
    "Get chunked."


  • Tristana.move01
    "Walking tall."
  • Tristana.move02
    "Where's the action?"
  • Tristana.move03
    "Bring on the bad guys!"
  • Tristana.move04
    "Who wears a helmet?"
  • Tristana.move05
    "Get in my way. I dare ya."
  • Tristana.move06
    "I dare you to dare me."
  • Tristana.move07
    "You don't hurt 'em if you don't hit 'em."
  • Tristana.move08
    "Sometimes outnumbered; never outgunned."
  • Tristana.move09
    "Let me get in there!"
  • Tristana.move10
    "Winners don't duck."
  • Tristana.move11
    "Let's get this party started!"
  • Tristana.move12
    "I just need a point in the right direction."
  • Tristana.move13
    "I might just drop in."
  • Tristana.move14
    "A Bandle Gunner never turns tail. Unless it's to taunt you."
  • Tristana.move15
    "Orders are more like guidelines, really."
  • Tristana.move16
    "Wanna see the fireworks?"
  • Tristana.move17
    "If it's worth shooting once, it's probably worth shooting a lot!"


  • Tristana.joke01
    "Is that a rocket in your pocket?"
  • Tristana.joke02
    "Please allow my cannon and I to conflict resolve."
  • Tristana.joke03
    "This is my 357 caliber handgun."
  • Tristana.joke04
    "A cannonball is the best icebreaker!"

Joking near an enemy Heimerdinger Heimerdinger

  • Tristana.jokeHeimerdinger01
    "Hey, specs. What's cooking?"

Joking near an enemy Rumble Rumble

  • Tristana.jokeRumble01
    "Nice suit, Rumble! What d'you call it?"
  • Tristana.jokeRumble02
    "Eyes on the enemy, Rumble."

Joking near an enemy Teemo Teemo

  • Tristana.jokeTeemo01
    "Um, Teemo, are these mushrooms your rations or your ammo?"


  • Tristana.taunt01
    "You think you can outshoot me?"
  • Tristana.taunt02
    "You make it easy to be unimpressed."
  • Tristana.taunt03

Taunting an enemy Amumu Amumu

  • Tristana.tauntAmumu01
    "Anyone ever tell you you're a little clingy?"

Taunting an enemy Caitlyn Caitlyn

  • Tristana.tauntCaitlyn01
    "Is that gun full-sized?"

Taunting an enemy Corki Corki

  • Tristana.tauntCorki01
    "Try to keep up, old-timer."
  • Tristana.tauntCorki02
    "You're not the only Yordle who knows how to fly, Corki."

Taunting an enemy Jinx Jinx

  • Tristana.tauntJinx01
    "When you find the right gun, you only need one."

Taunting an enemy Veigar Veigar

  • Tristana.tauntVeigar01
    "Aw, Veigar! You're cute when you're angry."
  • Tristana.tauntVeigar02
    "Oh, Veigar! Tell me all about your diabolical plan."

Taunting an enemy Ziggs Ziggs

  • Tristana.tauntZiggs01
    "Watch where you're exploding, Ziggs!"


  • Tristana.dance01
    "Let 'em come by land, by sea or air! Send 'em running home when the Bandle Gunners blare!"
  • Tristana.dance02
    "One stump high and ten stumps tall! Bandle Gunners show 'em all!"
  • Tristana.dance03
    "Bandle Gunners, what'd you see? Sir, just smoke and victory!"
  • Tristana.dance04
    Tristana hums.


  • Tristana.laugh01
    Tristana laughs.
  • Tristana.laugh02
    Tristana laughs.
  • Tristana.laugh03
    Tristana laughs.
  • Tristana.laugh04
    Tristana laughs.

Upon casting Rapid Fire.png Rapid Fire

  • Tristana.spellQ1
    "Double time!"
  • Tristana.spellQ2
    "Fire at will!"
  • Tristana.spellQ3
    "Don't let up!"
  • Tristana.spellQ4
    "Now we're cooking!"
  • Tristana.spellQ5
    "Who wants some? You want some? Come on!"
  • Tristana.spellQ6
    "More where that came from."

Upon casting Rocket Jump.png Rocket Jump

  • Tristana.spellW1
    "Look out below!"
  • Tristana.spellW2
    "Blast off!"
  • Tristana.spellW6
    "Just passin' through!"
  • Tristana.spellW7
    "Up and over!"
  • Tristana.spellW8
    "Short cut!"

Upon landing on top of an enemy unit with Rocket Jump.png Rocket Jump

  • Tristana.spellW3
  • Tristana.spellW4
    "Didn't see that coming, did you?"
  • Tristana.spellW5
    "Thanks for breaking my fall!"
  • Tristana.spellW9
  • Tristana.spellW10
  • Tristana.spellW11
  • Tristana.spellW12
  • Tristana.spellW13
  • Tristana.spellW14

Upon escaping with critical health with Rocket Jump.png Rocket Jump

  • Tristana.unknown01
    "Oh boy!"
  • Tristana.unknown02
  • Tristana.unknown03
    "Can't touch this!"
  • Tristana.unknown04
  • Tristana.unknown05
  • Tristana.unknown06
  • Tristana.unknown07
    "Maybe I cut that a little close. Maybe."
  • Tristana.unknown08
    "Any landing you can walk away from..."
  • Tristana.unknown09
    "I was never worried!"
  • Tristana.unknown10
    "Need a breather..."
  • Tristana.unknown11
    "Aha, haha, ha... that was scary."
  • Tristana.unknown12
    "Can't wait to tell the recruits about that one!"

Upon casting Explosive Charge.png Explosive Charge

  • Tristana.spellE1
    "Stuck him."
  • Tristana.spellE2
    "Hold this."
  • Tristana.spellE3
    "Mind the fuse."
  • Tristana.spellE4
  • Tristana.spellE5
    "Tick tock."
  • Tristana.spellE6
    "Clock's ticking."
  • Tristana.spellE7
    "Haha, you're in trouble now."

Upon killing multiple enemy units with Explosive Charge.png Explosive Charge's passive

  • Tristana.spellEKill01
    "Dropping like flies!"
  • Tristana.spellEKill02
    "Thanks for clumping!"
  • Tristana.spellEKill03
    "Keep 'em coming!"
  • Tristana.spellEKill04
    "Clean sweep."
  • Tristana.spellEKill05
    "Pfft. Cannon fodder."

Upon killing an enemy champion with Explosive Charge.png Explosive Charge

  • Tristana.spellEOverkill01
    "Nothing like overkill!"
  • Tristana.spellEOverkill02
    "Target freaking annihilated!"
  • Tristana.spellEOverkill03
    "Now you see him, now you don't."
  • Tristana.spellEOverkill04
    "How's that for a Bandle City beatdown?"

Upon casting Buster Shot.png Buster Shot

  • Tristana.spellR1
  • Tristana.spellR2
    "See ya."
  • Tristana.spellR3
  • Tristana.spellR4
    "Over there, buster!"
  • Tristana.spellR5
    "Hi there!"
  • Tristana.spellR6
    "Hands off!"
  • Tristana.spellR7
    "Point blank is the only blank I like!"
  • Tristana.spellR8
    "Air mail!"
  • Tristana.spellR9
  • Tristana.spellR10
    "Pilot to bombardier!"
  • Tristana.spellR11
    "Bombs away!"
  • Tristana.spellR12
    "You should try fanning out!"

Upon buying any item

  • Tristana.item01
    "Do you sell earplugs too?"
  • Tristana.item02
    "Oh, that looks cool!"
  • Tristana.item03
    "Is this blastproof?"
  • Tristana.item04
    "Let's see if this makes it through the first explosion."
  • Tristana.item05
    "Can't wait to try this out."
  • Tristana.item06
    "Ooh, I like the look of this baby!"

Upon buying Blade of the Ruined King item.png Blade of the Ruined King

  • Tristana.itemBotRK01
    "Does this make me royalty?"

Upon buying The Bloodthirster item.png The Bloodthirster

  • Tristana.itemBloodthirster01
    "Sweet! Kinda gross but sweet!"
  • Tristana.itemBloodthirster02
    "It can keep the blood. I'm thirsty for action."

Upon buying Guardian Angel item.png Guardian Angel

  • Tristana.itemGuardianAngel01
    "All the risk and none of the consequences? I'm sold!"
  • Tristana.itemGuardianAngel02
    "Time to live dangerously."
  • Tristana.itemGuardianAngel03
    "Some people like backup plans. I like 'charge in' plans!"

Upon buying Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge

  • Tristana.itemInfinityEdge01
    "Infinity anything is pretty awesome."
  • Tristana.itemInfinityEdge02
    "If there's a sword for making things explode, this is it."

Upon buying Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper

  • Tristana.itemLastWhisper01
    "It won't be so much a whisper as a deafening explosion."
  • Tristana.itemLastWhisper02
    "Cannons versus armor; cannons win."
  • Tristana.itemLastWhisper03
    "I don't take cover. I take cover out."

Upon buying Mercurial Scimitar item.png Mercurial Scimitar

  • Tristana.itemScimitar01
    "No slowing me down now!"
  • Tristana.itemScimitar02
    "Perfect for cutting loose!"
  • Tristana.itemScimitar03
    "Nets, snares, vines, meet your worst nightmare."

Upon buying Phantom Dancer item.png Phantom Dancer

  • Tristana.itemStatikkShiv01
    "Time to fill up my dance card!"

Upon buying Statikk Shiv item.png Statikk Shiv

  • Tristana.itemStatikkShiv02
    "This'll put a little zing on things!"
  • Tristana.itemStatikkShiv03
    "Ooh, look! I'm a shock trooper!"

Upon destroying a turret

  • Tristana.turret01
    "Who needs a fort?"
  • Tristana.turret02
    "You're gonna need a bigger castle."
  • Tristana.turret03
    "Bringing down the house!"
  • Tristana.turret04
    "Huff, puff, boom."

Upon placing a Sight Ward item.png ward

  • Tristana.ward01
    "On lookout."
  • Tristana.ward02
    "Watch the brush."
  • Tristana.ward03
    "Eyes open."
  • Tristana.ward04
    "Watching our backs."

Upon casting Recall.png Recall

  • Tristana.recall01
    "Time for some rearm and redeploy!"
  • Tristana.recall02
    "Falling back!"
  • Tristana.recall03
    "Back to base!"

Upon completing Recall.png Recall

  • Tristana.fountain01
    "Back to the action!"
  • Tristana.fountain02
    "Gotta get back out there!"
  • Tristana.fountain03
    "Up and at 'em!"


  • Tristana.unknown13
  • Tristana.unknown14
  • Tristana.unknown15
    "Full house!"

Upon starting a match

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.start01
    "Just how much bigger are you gonna' get?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.start02
    "Ouch! Watch the horns... and the teeth... and the tail!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.start03
    "He's just going through a phase. I think."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.start04
    "I've got a dragon and I'm not afraid to use him."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.start05
    "Be good and I'll let you burn down a building or two." (Riggle growls)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.start06
    "Who's a good Riggle?" (Riggle moans) "That's right, you are." (Riggle sniffs)


  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack01
    "Roast 'em!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack02
    "Beware of dragon."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack03
    "Riggle says hi."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack04
    "The fire means he likes you."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack05
    "Fire solves most problems."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack06
    "Just try to get between us!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack07
    "Well, you made him angry."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack08
    "Light a fire under 'em."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack09
    "He likes his food well done."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack10
    "Hold on to your harness!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack11
    "This is no time for molting!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack12
    "Who wants to lose some eyebrows?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack13
    "You're looking mighty flammable right now."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack14
    "Wanna see a fireball?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack15
    "This is a dragon 'hello'."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack16
    "Dragons are just cheating."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack17
    "Don't mind us."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack18
    "I could stop him... but I won't."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack19
    "Show him what you can do!" (Riggle growls)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack20
    "Let's have some fun!" (Riggle growls)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack21
    "He views flame-retardant as a challenge!" (Riggle growls)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.attack22
    (Riggle growls) "Save it for the bad guys!"


  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move01
    "When do dragons start flying?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move02
    "Hey, no chewing on me."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move03
    "We're in this together, Riggle."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move04
    "Why are you slimy?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move05
    "Is there anything you don't eat?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move06
    "It's scary what comes out of you."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move07
    "Not the biggest dragon, but the best."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move08
    "Do I know how to accessorize?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move09
    "Let's find you a snack."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move10
    "Tell me you don't have fleas."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move11
    "When you get bigger, you're carrying me."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move12
    "I broke you out of that egg and I can stuff you back in!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move13
    (Riggle growls) "I know, I'm going."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move14
    "Where to next?" (Riggle growls)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move15
    "You really are a handful." (Riggle moans)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move16
    "We are so starting obedience training." (Riggle moans)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move17
    "You need a bath." (Riggle moans)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move18
    "Someone's on their best behaviour." (Riggle growls)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move19
    (Riggle moans) "We'll eat later, stop pouting." (Riggle grunts)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move20
    "You're stuck with me now." (Riggle grunts)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move21
    "Are all dragons this heavy?" (Riggle growls)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move22
    "Aw, look at your little arms! (Riggle growls)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move23
    (Riggle growls) "Keep dreaming, buddy." (Riggle growls)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move24
    (Riggle growls) "Did you get into the sugar again?" (Riggle growls)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move25
    (Riggle growls) "I'll scratch your tummy later!" (Riggle grunts)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move26
    (Riggle moans) "This is so not the time!" (Riggle grunts)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move27
    (Riggle growls) "I really hope that was your stomach."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move28
    (Riggle growls)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move29
    (Riggle growls)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move30
    (Riggle grumbles)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move31
    (Riggle growls)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.move32
    (Riggle growls)


Tristana attempts to perform tricks with Riggle but gets breathed in the face with fire.

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.joke01
    "Ready? Play dead! ... good."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.joke02
    "Trick? Roll over! ... every time."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.joke03
    "Ready? Aim...! ... not at me."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.joke04
    "Riggle! Speak! ... close enough."

Joking near an enemy Annie Annie

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.jokeAnnie01
    "Isn't fire just the best?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.jokeAnnie02
    "Pretty cool bear. Have you seen my dragon?"

Joking near an enemy Rumble Rumble

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.jokeRumble01
    "Uh... have you and Riggle already met?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.jokeRumble02
    "We make a pretty great pair, don't we, Rumble? Just me and this dragon."


Riggle shoots a jet of flame into the air.

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.taunt01
    "You're playing with fire now!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.taunt02
    "My dragon will eat you!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.taunt03
    "Not a great time to be you right now!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.taunt04
    "Feeling a little nervous?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.taunt05
    "I think we got their attention!"

Taunting an enemy Azir Azir

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.tauntAzir01
    "Oh, look! Chicken flambe!"

Taunting an enemy Brand Brand

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.tauntBrand01
    "Extra crispy, coming right up!"

Taunting an enemy Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.tauntFiddlesticks01
    "How about a little fire, scarecrow?"

Taunting an enemy Quinn Quinn

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.tauntQuinn01
    "Cool eagle, what does it breathe? Air?"

Taunting an enemy Rumble Rumble

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.tauntRumble01
    "Who's got the flamespitter now?"

Taunting an enemy Shyvana Shyvana

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.tauntShyvana01
    (Riggle growls) "Yep, her name's Shyvana. I think she's confused."


Tristana makes Riggle dance.

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.dance01
    Tristana hums.


  • TristanaDragonTrainer.laugh01
    Tristana laughs.
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.laugh02
    Tristana laughs.
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.laugh03
    Tristana laughs.
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.laugh04
    Tristana laughs.

Upon casting Rapid Fire.png Rapid Fire

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.Q1
    "Now we're cooking!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.Q2
    "Warmup time!"

Upon casting Rocket Jump.png Rocket Jump

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.W11
    "Whoa, whoa!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.W12
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.W13
    "Gotta' fly!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.W14

Upon landing on top of an enemy unit with Rocket Jump.png Rocket Jump

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.W21
    "Met my dragon?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.W22
    "Miss us?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.W23
    "Dragon up close!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.W24
    "Got 'em!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.W25
    "Dragon snipe!"

Upon escaping with critical health with Rocket Jump.png Rocket Jump

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.W31
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.W32
    "Uh oh!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.W33
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.W34
    "You were totally scared." (Riggle moans)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.W35
    "Oh I was never worried." (Riggle scoffs)

Upon casting Explosive Charge.png Explosive Charge

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.E1
    "Smoke 'em out!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.E2
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.E3
    "Need some fire?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.E4
    "Get that one!"

Upon casting Buster Shot.png Buster Shot

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.R1
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.R2
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.R3
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.R4
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.R5
    "No petting."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.R6
    "My dragon."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.R7
    "Keep your distance."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.R8
    "He's got space issues."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.R9
    "Fly 'n' fry!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.R10
    "Raining fire!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.R11
    "From the sky!"

Upon buying Guardian Angel item.png Guardian Angel

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemGuardianAngel01
    (Riggle moans) "Yep, I feel a bit safer too."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemGuardianAngel02
    (Riggle whines) "It's not that I think we're gonna die or anything..."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemGuardianAngel03
    "This'll look out for both of us."

Upon buying Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemInfinityEdge01
    "I think you're gonna like this."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemInfinityEdge02
    "Is it just me or did you get scarier?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemInfinityEdge03
    "Don't mess with this dragon."

Upon buying Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemLastWhisper01
    "Fire beats armor."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemLastWhisper02
    "No such thing as dragon-resistant."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemLastWhisper03
    "Last Whis-" (Riggle growls) "Yeah, good, good whisper."

Upon buying Sunfire Cape item.png Sunfire Cape

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemSunfireCape01
    "I'll bet you like this cape, don't you?"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemSunfireCape02
    "Finally clothing that's supposed to burn!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemSunfireCape03
    (Riggle growls) "Riggle-approved!"

Upon buying The Bloodthirster item.png The Bloodthirster

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemBloodthirster01
    "Uh... don't lick this."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemBloodthirster02
    "We'll see if they can hurt us now."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemBloodthirster03
    "Just what you need, a taste for blood..." (Riggle growls)

Upon buying Statikk Shiv item.png Statikk Shiv

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemStatikkShiv01
    "Nope, no, don't chew that-!" (Riggle chews that)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemStatikkShiv02
    "Careful with that, or you'll get zapped."

Upon buying Mercurial Scimitar item.png Mercurial Scimitar

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemMercurialScimitar01
    "Good luck controlling this dragon."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemMercurialScimitar02
    "Like you weren't squirmy enough already."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.itemMercurialScimitar03
    "Don't worry, I'll keep you out of trouble." (Riggle purrs)

Upon destroying a turret

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.tower01
    "Demolition dragon!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.tower02
    "Take it down, Riggle!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.tower03
    "He doesn't like towers."

Upon placing a ward

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.ward01
    (Riggle snores) "Stay alert!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.ward02
    "I'll keep you safe."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.ward03
    "Riggle territory."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.ward04
    "Watch my back."

Upon casting Recall.png Recall

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.recall01
    "Here you go!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.recall02
    "Time for a little snack break!"
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.recall03
    "Alright, you deserve it!"

Upon respawning

  • TristanaDragonTrainer.respawn01
    "And what did we learn?" (Riggle growls)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.respawn02
    "Don't look at me like that, it seemed like a good idea at the time."
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.respawn03
    "That... wasn't exactly how that was supposed to go." (Riggle scoffs)
  • TristanaDragonTrainer.respawn04
    "Not a word."


  • "Here we are!"
  • "Look out!"
  • "Haha!" (Riggle growls)
  • (Gasps) "What are you wearing?!"
  • "You monster."

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match start
  • "Ready for some fireworks?"
Player team victory
  • "GG!"
Player team defeat
  • "Well, I had a blast!"