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Champion Sneak Peek

By ByronicHero [1]

Champions in the League of Legends come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're a fan of huge, hulking, stone giants; sinister, lithe femme fatales; awesome, mighty warriors; or aberrant, horrific creatures, we try to represent them all under one roof. And while we're on the subject of aberrant, horrific creatures, allow me to give you a glimpse of our next champion. Meet Trundle, the Cursed Troll. He's hideous, and very possibly diseased, so he wanted me to let you know that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Unless, of course, that cover is snarling and wielding a club. Then you might be onto something.

Trundle Visual Talks

By Ryan 'Morello' Scott [2]

Trundle Dance

What's this...? Is this... a troll?

What's a troll doing in the Freljord? Are we... trolling you?

On a more serious note, some of you will probably guess that if there's a troll and he's wielding a club... it's Trundle! So we wanted to give you a taste of what's to come, namely Trundle's relaunch and his reimagining in the icy north.

While old Trundle certainly had a unique narrative and visual design, we always felt he was disconnected from the rest of the world. This inhibited the number of stories we could tell with Trundle and, well, we want to tell stories about him. Trundle's upcoming changes include a gameplay update (more of a quality improvement than a rework – similar in scope to our Taric changes in 3.03), a new ice-themed aesthetic (if you couldn't guess), and a new story that ties Trundle to the brewing conflict in the Freljord.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks, because we've got plans for Trundle – not to mention that Trundle has plans of his own!

You'll have to wait to hear more, but here's something to tide you over. As with Karma's relaunch, anyone who owns Trundle before his relaunch will get this Traditional Trundle (has a nice ring to it) skin for free:

Champion rework (Full Relaunch): Trundle, the Troll King

By Ryan 'Morello' Scott [3]

Trundle VU reveal

Trundle VU concept art 1 (by Riot Artist Josh Singh)

As tensions rise in the Freljord, the frost trolls fight to preserve their homeland. TrundleSquare Trundle, now troll king, leads his people with cunning, brutal strength and just enough Chomp biting wit to make would-be conquerors think twice about entering his Frozen Domain frozen kingdom. When skulls need smashing, Trundle's the troll for the job.

Trundle has a lot of changes coming. In addition to a complete visual rework, Trundle's story has been revamped to reflect his new direction and new charge - using guile uncharacteristic of his people to lead them through tumultuous times. His gameplay is remaining the same with some tweaks.


What began as a kickass ice troll skin for Trundle quickly transformed into a full-fledged campaign to reinvent his look. A frost motif, instead of disease and garbage, felt like a better fit for his Chomp slowing and Pillar of Ice displacement abilities, both of which are typically associated with ice.

Trundle's model was reimagined into a badass ice troll alpha with a commanding battlefield presence. Trading his skulking hobble for a fearsome, imposing stride, Trundle's now one champion you don't want to troll.

Just like the KarmaSquare Karma relaunch, those of you who already unlocked Trundle get a free skin based on Trundle's traditional look, complete with classic VO.

Trundle Traditional Screenshots


There Will Be Mayhem 2016 All-Star Event - League of Legends

There Will Be Mayhem 2016 All-Star Event - League of Legends

Trundle Art Spotlight

Trundle Art Spotlight

Art Spotlight

Trundle Champion Spotlight old

Trundle Champion Spotlight old