Freljord Frostguard

The Frostguard

Champion Select

  • Trundle Select
    "Time to troll!"
  • Trundle.ulti3


  • Trundle.attack01
  • Trundle.attack02
    "I'll show them frostbite."
  • Trundle.attack03
    "This will only hurt... a lot!"
  • Trundle.attack04
    "C'mon, entertain me."
  • Trundle.attack05
    "They crossed the wrong troll."
  • Trundle.attack06
    "Tonight, I'm feeling greedy."
  • Trundle.attack07
    "You can never bash something too many times."
  • Trundle.attack08
    "I'm gonna knock 'em dead."
  • Trundle.attack09
    "Nobody trespasses in my town."
  • Trundle.attack10
    "They're ruining my good mood!"
  • Trundle.attack11
    "Woops! Did I break something?"


  • Trundle.move01
    "I'm the troll with the plan."
  • Trundle.move02
    "Time to start an ice age."
  • Trundle.move03
    "I like my human with a bit of spice."
  • Trundle.move04
    "The Freljord is mine!"
  • Trundle.move05
    "I'm troll judge, troll jury, and execu... troll!"
  • Trundle.move06
    "King of trolls, coming through."
  • Trundle.move07
    "I'm not ugly, but they're about to be!"
  • Trundle.move08
    "Ohoho, they look angry!"
  • Trundle.move09
    "Not troll chief, troll king. King!"
  • Trundle.move10
    "The trolls are going to war!"


  • Trundle.taunt01
    "I'm gonna crush your dreams... They're in your skull, right?"
  • Trundle.taunt02
    "You got a problem with me? Join the club!"
  • Trundle.taunt03
    "If you want me to hit you less, die sooner!"


  • Trundle.joke01
    "Have you seen this thing? Like really close."
  • Trundle.joke02
    "Troll with the biggest club gets to be king. That's the rule!"
  • Trundle.joke03
    "It's alright Clubbems, we'll get to smashing soon."


  • Trundle.laugh01
    Trundle laughs.
  • Trundle.laugh02
    Trundle laughs.
  • Trundle.laugh03
    Trundle laughs.
  • Trundle.laugh04
    Trundle laughs.

Upon using Frozen Domain.png Frozen Domain

  • Trundle.W1
    "This is troll town!"
  • Trundle.W2
    "You're in MY kingdom now!"

Upon using Subjugate.png Subjugate

  • Trundle.ulti1
  • Trundle.ulti2
    "Bow down!"
  • Trundle.ulti3

Upon using Subjugate.png Subjugate on Garen Garen

  • Trundle.ChampionSpecific01

Upon using Subjugate.png Subjugate on Tryndamere Tryndamere or Lissandra Lissandra

  • Trundle.ChampionSpecific02
    "C'mere, princess."

Upon using Subjugate.png Subjugate on Volibear Volibear

  • Trundle.ChampionSpecific03
    "Whiny cub!"

Upon using Subjugate.png Subjugate on Ashe Ashe

  • Trundle.ChampionSpecific04
    "Run, Ashe!"

Upon using Subjugate.png Subjugate on Leona Leona

  • Trundle.ChampionSpecific05
    "Hahaha. Sunlight? Really?"

Upon using Subjugate.png Subjugate on Sejuani Sejuani

  • Trundle.ChampionSpecific06

Upon using Subjugate.png Subjugate on TrundleSquare.png Traditional Trundle

  • Trundle.ChampionSpecific07
    "Who does this guy think he is?"

Upon dying

  • Trundle.dying01
    "But I... Troll king..."

Champion Select

  • TraditionalTrundle Select
    "Time to troll!"


  • TraditionalTrundle.attack1
    "Share the agony!"
  • TraditionalTrundle.attack2
    "Time to troll!"
  • TraditionalTrundle.attack3
    "Let's go clubbing."
  • TraditionalTrundle.attack4
    "Suffer as I do."
  • TraditionalTrundle.attack5
    "Smash through the pain."
  • TraditionalTrundle.attack6
    "This is about to get ugly!"


  • TraditionalTrundle.move1
    "It never stops."
  • TraditionalTrundle.move2
    "I'm on it."
  • TraditionalTrundle.move3
    "The tribe is waiting."
  • TraditionalTrundle.move4
    "Let's smash something!"
  • TraditionalTrundle.move5
    "I'm not heartless. I love beating."
  • TraditionalTrundle.move6
    "Oww, splinter!"
  • TraditionalTrundle.move7
    "Let's show 'em my ugly side."


  • TraditionalTrundle.taunt1
    "If you want me to hit you less, die sooner."
  • TraditionalTrundle.taunt2
    "Defeat Trundle? Are you trolling?"


  • TraditionalTrundle.joke1
    "How much you wanna bet I can whack you from one fountain to the other?"
  • TraditionalTrundle.joke2
    "Don't hate the player, hate the club that's smashin' your face!"


  • Trundle.laugh1
    Trundle laughs.
  • Trundle.laugh2
    Trundle laughs.
  • Trundle.laugh3
    Trundle laughs.
  • Trundle.laugh4
    Trundle laughs.

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match start
  • "I got all prettied up for this fight!"
Player team victory
  • "Don't start trollin me, please."
Player team defeat
  • "GG!"