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Upon selection

  • Tryndamere Select
    "This'll be a slaughter."
Freljord Avarosan

The Avarosan


  • Tryndamere.attack1
    "Now they die!"
  • Tryndamere.attack2
    "I am your worst nightmare!"
  • Tryndamere.attack3
    "This'll be a slaughter."
  • Tryndamere.attack4
    "As you wish."
  • Tryndamere.attack5
    "Into battle."
  • Tryndamere.attack6
    "Follow my blade!"


  • Tryndamere.taunt
    "You never stood a chance."


  • Tryndamere.joke
    "My right arm is a lot stronger than my left arm!"


  • Tryndamere.laugh1
    Tryndamere laughs.
  • Tryndamere.laugh2
    Tryndamere laughs.
  • Tryndamere.laugh3
    Tryndamere laughs.


  • DemonbladeTryndamere.attack1
    "The thirst consumes me!"
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.attack2
    "Slaughter! Massacre..."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.attack3
    "Claim them all."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.attack4
    "Devour their souls."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.attack5
    "They will serve us."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.attack6
    "No control! No... mercy."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.attack7
    "Rivers of blood."


  • DemonbladeTryndamere.move1
    "Must... go."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.move2
    "Find fresh souls. Quickly."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.move3
    "No salvation."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.move4
    "I am your worst nightmare!"
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.move5
    "All will be consumed."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.move6
    "Soon all will join me."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.move7
    "There is no going back."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.move8
    "The power... is undeniable."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.move9
    "We are one now."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.move10
    "Who will be next?!"


Tryndamere slams his blade down at three points around him.

  • DemonbladeTryndamere.taunt1
    "Yours will be a small sacrifice."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.taunt2
    "My blade calls, you will answer!"


  • DemonbladeTryndamere.joke1
    "You really don't want to get on my bad side."
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.joke2
    "This new look... is really growing on me."


  • DemonbladeTryndamere.laugh1
    Tryndamere laughs.
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.laugh2
    Tryndamere laughs.
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.laugh3
    Tryndamere laughs.
  • DemonbladeTryndamere.laugh4
    Tryndamere laughs.


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