Champion Select

  • TwistedFate Select
    "Lady luck is smilin'."
  • TwistedFate.move1
    "I reckon."


  • TwistedFate.attack1
    "Pick a card."
  • TwistedFate.attack2
    "All or nothin'."
  • TwistedFate.attack3
    "I never bluff."
  • TwistedFate.attack4
    "Let's raise the stakes."
  • TwistedFate.attack5
    "Looks like trouble."
  • TwistedFate.attack6
    "Let it ride."
  • TwistedFate.attack7
    "I got this."
  • TwistedFate.attack8
    "Nobody touches the hat."


  • TwistedFate.move1
    "I reckon."
  • TwistedFate.move2
    "Doin' it."
  • TwistedFate.move3
    "Deal 'em."
  • TwistedFate.move4
    "It's all in the cards."
  • TwistedFate.move5
    "Just the luck of the draw."
  • TwistedFate.move6
    "It's my lucky day."
  • TwistedFate.move7
    "Don't mind if I do."
  • TwistedFate.move8
    "I'm one of a kind."
  • TwistedFate.move9
    "Always on the run."
  • TwistedFate.move10
    "Lookin' good."
  • TwistedFate.move11
    "Charmed, I'm sure."


  • TwistedFate.joke1
    "Never lost a fair game... or played one."
  • TwistedFate.joke2
    "Cheater's just a fancy word for winner."


  • TwistedFate.taunt1
    "Only two Jokers in the deck, and I get dealt you."
  • TwistedFate.taunt2
    "Only a fool plays the hand he's dealt."


  • TwistedFate.dance1
    "Ándale, heheheh... "
  • TwistedFate.dance2
    "Giddy up! Heheheh... "


  • TwistedFate.laugh1
    Twisted Fate laughs.
  • TwistedFate.laugh2
    Twisted Fate laughs.
  • TwistedFate.laugh3
    Twisted Fate laughs.
  • TwistedFate.laugh4
    Twisted Fate laughs.

Upon Pick a Card.png Picking...

Blue Card.png Blue Card
  • TwistedFate.bluecard1
    "Feelin' blue."
  • TwistedFate.bluecard2
    "Eyes open."
  • TwistedFate.bluecard3
    "Clear as day."
Red Card.png Red Card
  • TwistedFate.redcard1
    "Blood red."
  • TwistedFate.redcard2
    "Seein' red."
  • TwistedFate.redcard3
    "Thorned rose."
Gold Card.png Gold Card
  • TwistedFate.goldcard1
    "Shinin' gold."
  • TwistedFate.goldcard2
    "Hold it, partner."
  • TwistedFate.goldcard3
    "Lucky them."
Upon Stunning an Enemy Graves Graves with Gold Card.png Gold Card
  • TwistedFate.graves1
    "Dead in his tracks."
  • TwistedFate.graves2
    "Tough luck, Malcolm."
  • TwistedFate.graves3
    "Simmer down, hotshot."

Upon Using Destiny.png Destiny

  • TwistedFate.destiny1
    "No fightin' destiny."
  • TwistedFate.destiny2
    "It ain't luck, it's destiny."
Upon Using Gate.png Gate
  • TwistedFate.gate1
    "I'm already gone."
  • TwistedFate.gate2
    "I'm gone."
  • TwistedFate.gate3
    "Gotta hit the trail."