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Twisted Fate Champion Spotlight

Recommended Items

Summoner's Rift
Starting Item
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Twisted Treeline
Starting Item
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Howling Abyss
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Playing As Twisted Fate Twisted Fate
  • Coordinate with your allies for the best time to use Destiny.png Destiny to ambush enemies.
  • Stealth characters often escape a battle with very low hit points. Take advantage of Destiny.png Destiny's ability to reveal stealthed units to finish them off.
  • Twisted Fate Twisted Fate is viable as an Attack Damage or Ability Power character, letting him fit on many different team compositions.
Playing Against Twisted Fate Twisted Fate
  • Focus on dodging Wild Cards.png Wild Cards early when your champion doesn't have the hit point to afford getting hit.
  • If you have low Health, use Destiny.png Destiny as an indicator to run to safety. It will give you a head start in escaping any possible ganks.


Ability Usage
  • Due to Wild Cards.png Wild Cards having one of the highest non-global non-ultimate range in-game, he can harass very well. This makes him a good pick for mid lane. While the projectiles are slow moving, the long range of the cards often catch enemies by surprise. Additionally, the projectiles, unlike many skillshots and pokes, will pass through minions, and even do damage as multiple targets are passed. This disallows opponents from blocking with their waves.
  • With some ability power, using Red Card.png Red Card and Wild Cards.png Wild Cards on a wave of minions makes Twisted Fate Twisted Fate nearly unrivaled in pushing and clearing quickly.
    • Use this to gank other lanes with Destiny.png Destiny, as your minions will be pushed up to ensure your turret will be safe until you walk back to it.
    • You may also attempt to Red Card.png Red Card a minion nearby an enemy champion to slow the champion and set yourself up for harassing them with Wild Cards.png Wild Cards.
  • Pick a Card.png Pick a Card has multiple utilities. Blue Card.png Blue Card can help Twisted Fate Twisted Fate stay in lane longer as he regains mana back more quickly. Gold Card.png Gold Card is very useful when chasing down an enemy or when ganking since it stuns the enemy it hits. Red Card.png Red Card can help Twisted Fate Twisted Fate push, farm, gank, or chase down an enemy because it deals splash damage and slows the targets hit. The area of effect of Red Card.png Red Card may also be a more useful effect for peeling allies and kiting enemies than Gold Card.png Gold Card if it can hit multiple targets, especially when teams are fighting in the tight spaces of the jungle or at lower levels when the duration of Gold Card.png Gold Card will be much lower than the duration of Red Card.png Red Card
  • The three different cards in Pick a Card.png Pick a Card are in a set rotation. Blue Card.png Blue Card, then Red Card.png Red Card, then Gold Card.png Gold Card, and it repeats; the starting card may differ each time you use Pick a Card.png Pick a Card, but it will always follow that rotation. This rotation is very important to allow you to predict the time it will take for you to lock in a card and throw it.
  • Twisted Fate Twisted Fate is relatively fragile (squishy) so make sure you keep your distance. Twisted Fate Twisted Fate is capable of repeatedly stunning one opponent (with Gold Card.png Gold Card) or slowing multiple opponents (with Red Card.png Red Card) every few seconds, even more often with cooldown reduction. Abuse this while chasing, ganking and escaping pursuers.
  • The abilities of Twisted Fate Twisted Fate may have low cooldowns, but an ability power-focused Twisted Fate Twisted Fate is nonetheless highly vulnerable while his abilities cooldown. Avoid committed fights against enemies with a current health count that you can't easily burst down with Pick a Card.png Pick a Card and Wild Cards.png Wild Cards, as AP Twisted Fate Twisted Fate will almost certainly lose to them.
  • Destiny.png Destiny and Gate.png Gate can be used to quickly backdoor enemy structures. Used in conjunction with another great backdoor ability, Pick a Card.png Pick a Card, as the bonus damage is applied to turrets, it's pretty difficult for enemies to defend.
  • Picking Stacked Deck.png Stacked Deck as your first ability can lead to a large amount of single target damage, combined with attack speed runes, it is a very good way to get first blood. However, Gold Card.png Gold Card helps greatly, and so waiting until you are level 2 can give you better chances of a kill.
  • Map awareness is key to proper use of Destiny.png Destiny. Look around the map carefully while farming or traveling for potential foes.
    • Be sure to ping onto targets just in case your allies don't have the same map awareness as you do when you plan to use it! Twisted Fate Twisted Fate using Gate.png Gate against a sole target is unlikely to work well while the cooldown of Destiny.png Destiny is fairly long for a lot of the game.
    • When a team fight occurred and you already cast the Destiny.png Destiny at wrong timing, position or your teammates eliminated, it can be interrupted using Zhonya's Hourglass item.png Zhonya's Hourglass.
  • It is generally a good plan to have a card already chosen by Pick a Card.png Pick a Card before using Destiny.png Destiny, especially if you're going to land close to your enemy. You should lock onto Gold Card.png Gold Card and then activate Destiny.png Destiny and its secondary effect, Gate.png Gate, to gank an enemy. You can also use Pick a Card.png Pick a Card while channeling Gate.png Gate, allowing for a faster Gate.png Gate due to not having to spend time locking onto Gold Card.png Gold Card.
    • Make sure not to use Pick a Card.png Pick a Card too early either, as having your Gold Card.png Gold Card run out as you Gate.png Gate will lead to embarrassment and likely a fruitless death.
  • Keep in mind that Destiny.png Destiny will pop your enemy's Banshee's Veil item.png Banshee's Veil but this will also prevent him/her from being revealed by your ultimate (you can still use Gate.png Gate though). Meaning that against a team with multiple Veils, you can use Destiny.png Destiny to pop their shields before a big teamfight. Be warned that fleeing low-health enemies will likely be guarded by their allies that remain invisible to your ultimate (and you will only know it after teleporting to kill them and be ganked yourself). Coordinate with your allies for the best time to use Destiny.png Destiny to ambush enemies.
  • In a pinch, try to either juke your enemy and then run into a bush, or stun them with Gold Card.png Gold Card. If successful, pop your ultimate and start teleporting away with Gate.png Gate. By the time the enemy has a chance to attack you again, you should be a safe distance away. This technique can even work out in the open without Gold Card.png Gold Card if you wait for the enemy to pop all their crowd control first.
  • Twisted Fate Twisted Fate's primary combo to harass is to activate Gold Card.png Gold Card with full Stacked Deck.png Stacked Deck stacks, walk into attack range and stun the enemy, then follow it up with Wild Cards.png Wild Cards and walk away while the enemy tries to dodge the attack. Twisted Fate Twisted Fate can then use Blue Card.png Blue Card to last hit while regenerating mana and do the combo all over again. This combo is not foolproof because enemies will realize when Twisted Fate Twisted Fate activates Pick a Card.png Pick a Card and be prepared to fall back, or even use Twisted Fate Twisted Fate's short autoattack-range for applying the effects of Pick a Card.png Pick a Card to easily predict where he will have to walk to use it to set up skillshots.
  • Stacked Deck.png Stacked Deck gains a stack for each autoattack and deals extra damage on the fourth hit, but Pick a Card.png Pick a Card will vary this depending on the scenario.
Mastery Usage
Item Usage
  • Twisted Fate Twisted Fate is mainly built as an ability power caster. However, he can also be itemized for either attack damage or a hybrid mix.
  • If using an ability power build, Lich Bane item.png Lich Bane is a great choice due to the ability power ratios of Twisted Fate Twisted Fate being fairly low and will not cause very much burst damage on their own later in the game. Additionally, the conjunction with Pick a Card.png Pick a Card ensures in large damage with one attack.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap item.png Rabadon's Deathcap is mandatory for Twisted Fate Twisted Fate, as with all AP mid laners. However, the passive makes it more viable as a second or third item, when other items have been purchased and some AP have been amassed.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass item.png Zhonya's Hourglass is great for AP Twisted Fate Twisted Fate.
    • It provides a significant amount of ability power to scale with Rabadon's Deathcap item.png Rabadon's Deathcap and Lich Bane item.png Lich Bane.
    • The armor will likely be helpful as the short range of Pick a Card.png Pick a Card makes it likely Twisted Fate Twisted Fate will take some autoattacks if stunning enemy ranged champions.
    • The stasis active will also give a short grace period to wait for ability cooldowns and to avoid incoming damage.
  • Nashor's Tooth item.png Nashor's Tooth is also invaluable, as ability power, attack speed, and cooldown reduction are all very helpful, and the passive synergizes with Stacked Deck.png Stacked Deck and Pick a Card.png Pick a Card.
  • Twisted Fate Twisted Fate is relatively fragile at early game, putting an aggressive pressure on the lane can make him under-leveled or under-farmed.
  • Twisted Fate Twisted Fate has fairly poor sustained damage with an AP build - if you can get movement-affecting crowd control on him before he stuns you as a champion with a greater sustained damage potential, you may be able to turn the trade in your favor.
  • As Twisted Fate Twisted Fate has no escapes (besides Gate.png Gate) and relies on either Red Card.png Red Card or Gold Card.png Gold Card to keep enemies away from him, focusing him as a team is very difficult for Twisted Fate Twisted Fate to personally deal with.
  • While Wild Cards.png Wild Cards has a nearly unmatched range that makes stopping Twisted Fate Twisted Fate from farming while he has mana to cast it impossible, you can harass him when he uses Blue Card.png Blue Card as it's limited to the range of his basic attacks.
  • The Wild Cards.png Wild Cards can be tricky to dodge as it travels in 3 lines and moves a long distance. Instead of going back, try to sidestep the spell.
  • Take care when Twisted Fate Twisted Fate uses his Pick a Card.png Pick a Card.
    • When he uses a Red Card.png Red Card, move away from him, your allies, and/or your minions to avoid getting slowed by it.
    • When he uses a Gold Card.png Gold Card, try to stay away from him until the spell wears off.
    • It's better to save your channeled abilities until Twisted Fate Twisted Fate uses his Gold Card.png Gold Card or Pick a Card.png Pick a Card.
  • When you are under the effect of Destiny.png Destiny, be prepared for a gank as his Gate.png Gate allows him to teleport a huge range across the map.
    • Gate.png Gate has a noticeable channeling with a marked location, and this can leave him an easy target for skillshots. If the skillshots apply crowd control, this can stop Twisted Fate Twisted Fate from getting you killed or maybe even turn the gank onto him!
    • Dashes and blinks, if saved, may allow you to avoid Gold Card.png Gold Card if used while Twisted Fate Twisted Fate is teleporting to a location on top of you.