• Twisted Fate was one of the first six champions designed (the others being Annie Annie, Lee Sin Lee Sin Singed Singed, Sion Sion, and Sivir Sivir)
  • Twisted Fate's dance references Gangnam Style by Psy.
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Twisted Fate is the third champion to feature vocals while dancing (the others being Draven Draven and Rengar Rengar)
  • Twisted Fate's eyes glow cyan in-game (only Cutpurse has his pupils visible) but they do not in 'A Twist of Fate'.
  • In many variants of his lore, Twisted Fate is invariably identified as a Serpentine River nomad.
    • In his second lore, he was a Demacian-born gypsy who also operated in Noxus.
    • In his current lore, he never learned how to swim.
    • His birth-name Tobias comes from Hebrew טוביה "Goodness from Yahweh", while the family name Foxtrot references an early 20th-century dance.


Twisted FateSquare.png Classic Twisted Fate [S|L]
Twisted FateSquare.png PAX Twisted Fate [S|L]
  • He could only be unlocked by a code given out at Penny Arcade Expo 2009 and is never available for purchase (he is one of the rarest skins)
  • He has the PAX logo on his shoulders, hat, and belt.
  • He shares this theme with JaxSquare.png PAX Jax [S|L] and SivirSquare.png PAX Sivir [S|L].
Twisted FateSquare.png Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate [S|L]
Twisted FateSquare.png The Magnificent Twisted Fate [S|L]
Twisted FateSquare.png High Noon Twisted Fate [S|L]
Twisted FateSquare.png Tango Twisted Fate [S|L]
  • He shares this theme with EvelynnSquare.png Tango Evelynn [S|L].
    • They share exactly the same artwork, the only difference being who's under the spotlight.
Twisted FateSquare.png Musketeer Twisted Fate [S|L]
Twisted FateSquare.png Underworld Twisted Fate [S|L]
Twisted FateSquare.png Red Card Twisted Fate [S|L]
Twisted FateSquare.png Cutpurse Twisted Fate [S|L]
  • This is him and Graves Graves in their early hustling days after they struck their partnership.
  • His animations had to be altered to accommodate his lack of a hat (first time he doesn't wear one)
  • He shares this theme with GravesSquare.png Cutthroat Graves [S|L].
Twisted FateSquare.png Blood Moon Twisted Fate [S|L]


  • Twisted Fate and Graves Graves were partners in crime for many years, hustling far and wide across Valoran together with their crew (members include Kolt, Wallach, and The Brick) They parted ways when a heist went south, with Graves getting sent to The Locker despite Twisted Fate's efforts to save him (the entire crew dying in the process)
    • In the years after, Twisted Fate continued conning people solo, one time evading capture by Miss Fortune Miss Fortune and Rafen (her second-in-command) She would later hire him by proxy to sneak into Gangplank Gangplank's warehouse, where he would reunite with Graves Graves (who was tipped off by the Bounty Hunter herself about Twisted Fate's presence) to unwillingly 'settle the score'.
  • Twisted Fate and Graves Graves were used as a distraction by Miss Fortune Miss Fortune so that her crew could make preparations to blow up Gangplank Gangplank's flagship (the 'Dead Pool') so all of Bilgewater could witness the death of their Reaver King.
    • After surviving the explosion with Graves Graves' help (Twisted Fate never learned how to swim despite growing up traveling the Serpentine River) both men settled their dispute and resolved to pick up their joint hustling. Graves Graves having lost his shotgun Buckshot.png Destiny, they are now headed to Piltover so he can get a New Destiny.png new one (Twisted Fate might also meet a certain Evelynn someone during their stay there)
  • Twisted Fate is still being hunted by Kalista Kalista even though Graves Graves admitted it all started because he ignored the Card Master's advice to fold and still went all-in with the heist (she is trying to convince the Outlaw to 'give him to his hate' considering that Graves Graves, even though he promised to listen to Twisted Fate in the future, will 'collect his due' if he is abandoned again)