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2010 Winter Games Celebration
Champion Background Strategy Skins & Trivia


  • Classic Skin
  • Kingpin Twitch
  • Whistler Village Twitch
  • Medieval Twitch
  • Gangster Twitch


  • Twitch's design closely resembles that of the Skaven, a devious and warlike race of anthropomorphic rats from the Warhammer Fantasy franchise. The Medieval skin reflects this similarity more than his original skin.
  •  Spray and Pray is a generic phrase used to describe the random spraying of bullets with an automatic weapon hoping to hit something.
  • Twitch was designed by Guinsoo.[1].
  •  Deadly Venom displays an "X" symbol upon reaching 6 stacks. This is most likely a reference about how infected houses during the Bubonic Plague would be marked with an "X" on the door.
  • Twitch's title is likely a reference to the Bubonic Plague, which killed millions in Europe during Medieval times, and was transmitted by rats or more specificly, their fleas.


  • Gangster Twitch may be a reference to the Toon Patrol weasels from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, or to the actor James Cagney who is famous for portraying a gangster and his misquoted line, "MMMmmm, you dirty rat!".
  • Medieval Twitch was conceived by the 2 people that first hit 350 friend referrals: Grez and Greyrir Wolfwood. Grez picked the champion that would receive the skin, and Greyrir Wolfwood designed a "Medieval Twitch, with a fleur-de-lis on his cape, and a pot on his head". The idea was given to the Riot artists and Medieval Twitch was released a few months later.
  • Medieval Twitch holds the distinction for being the rarest skin in the game.
  • Vandal Twitch, Vandal Brand, Vandal Gragas, Vandal Vladimir, Vandal Jax all share a Vandal theme.
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