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TwitchSquare Classic Twitch [S|L]
TwitchSquare Whistler Village Twitch [S|L]
TwitchSquare Gangster Twitch [S|L]
TwitchSquare Medieval Twitch [S|L]
  • He is preparing to Ambush Ambush the guards behind him.
  • He was conceived by Grez (who chose him) and Greyrir Wolfwood (who designed a 'Medieval Twitch with a fleur-de-lis on his cape and a pot on his head') to celebrate both being the first two people to hit 350 friend referrals, and released a few months later.
    • He can no longer be obtained ever since Refer-A-Friend was discontinued on 05-Sep-2015 (he holds the distinction for being one of the rarest skin in the game)
TwitchSquare Vandal Twitch [S|L]
TwitchSquare Pickpocket Twitch [S|L]
TwitchSquare SSW Twitch [S|L]
TwitchSquare Omega Squad Twitch [S|L]