Champion Select

  • Udyr Select
    "Our rage is beyond your control!"
  • Udyr.attack1
    "Their fear is wise."
Freljord Winters Claw

The Winters Claw


  • Udyr.attack1
    "Their fear is wise."
  • Udyr.attack2
    "Weapons are for the weak."
  • Udyr.attack3
    "Feral instinct guides our fist."
  • Udyr.attack4
    "We will make use of their pelts."
  • Udyr.attack5
    "Their death will only feed our rage."
  • Udyr.attack6
    "Without hesitation."


  • Udyr.move1
    "Do not deny your instincts, summoner."
  • Udyr.move2
    "That is our path."
  • Udyr.move3
    "We will not pity the defenseless."
  • Udyr.move4
    "Our instincts are razor sharp."
  • Udyr.move5
    "Our rage is beyond your control!"


  • Udyr.taunt
    "We do not know pity, even for you!"


  • Udyr.joke
    "If PETA asks, this fur is fake."


  • Udyr.laugh1
    Udyr laughs.
  • Udyr.laugh2
    Udyr laughs.
  • Udyr.laugh3
    Udyr laughs.

Beginning of the match

  • SpiritGuardUdyr.firstmove01
    "Hear me, spirits, and rise to my call."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.firstmove02
    "The energy of creation is our strength."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.firstmove03
    "From the four corners ancient guardians wake."


Any stance
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack01
    "Guide my strength."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack02
    "Send their spirits to the wild."
During Tiger Stance.png Tiger Stance
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack03
    "Prey upon fools."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack04
    "Fury of the tiger."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack05
    "With claw and fang."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack06
    "Put them on their heels."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack07
    "Hold nothing back."
During Turtle Stance.png Turtle Stance
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack08
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack09
    "Push through their defenses."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack10
    "Give no ground."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack11
    "We do not yield."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack12
    "Pain is of the mind."
During Bear Stance.png Bear Stance
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack13
    "Strength of the bear!"
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack14
    "Overwhelming force."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack15
    "Run them down."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack16
    "Raw power."
During Phoenix Stance.png Phoenix Stance
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack17
    "Flames of the phoenix."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack18
    "From ashes."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack19
    "Cleansing fire."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack20
    "Burn away the meek."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack21
    "Descend upon them."


Any stance
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move01
    "Life speaks through us."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move02
    "Our spirits have merged."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move03
    "Our journey continues."
During Tiger Stance.png Tiger Stance
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move04
    "Wrath of nature."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move05
    "Stalk the enemy."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move06
    "We hear the rustling of prey."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move07
    "Ready to pounce."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move08
    "Our blood runs hot."
During Turtle Stance.png Turtle Stance
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move09
    "Slow and steady."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move10
    "Maintain guard."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move11
    "Defend all sides."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move12
    "Unbreakable will."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move13
    "Strength of mind and body."
During Bear Stance.png Bear Stance
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move14
    "Who would stand against us?"
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move15
    "Power without bounds."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move16
    "Crush any barrier."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move17
    "Charge forward."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move18
    "We are filled with might."
During Phoenix Stance.png Phoenix Stance
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move19
    "One's spirit must fly free."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move20
    "Wind and fire."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move21
    "Heart of flame."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move22
    "Rite of the ancients."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.move23
    "Gaze upon us in awe."


  • SpiritGuardUdyr.joke01
    "Stripes would be good camouflage... if tigers weren't bright orange!"
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.joke02
    "The turtle is one part fortress, one part mobile home."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.joke03
    "Man, I love honey, but bees... ugh!"
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.joke04
    "Emanating fire really cuts down on comfy nest options."


  • SpiritGuardUdyr.taunt01
    "You'd make a good scratching post."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.taunt02
    "My shell has this little dent in the shape of your face."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.taunt03
    "You'd look better after a good mauling."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.taunt04
    "All I see are soon-to-be ashes."


  • SpiritUdyr.laugh1
    Udyr laughs.
  • SpiritUdyr.laugh2
    Udyr laughs.
  • SpiritUdyr.laugh3
    Udyr laughs.
  • SpiritUdyr.laugh4
    Udyr laughs.

Upon using maxed Tiger Stance.png Tiger Stance for the first time

  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack04
    "Fury of the tiger."

Upon using maxed Turtle Stance.png Turtle Stance for the first time

  • SpiritGuardUdyr.E01
    "Tough as the turtle!"

Upon using maxed Bear Stance.png Bear Stance for the first time

  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack13
    "Strength of the bear!"

Upon using maxed Phoenix Stance.png Phoenix Stance for the first time

  • SpiritGuardUdyr.attack17
    "Flames of the phoenix."

Upon achieving three stacks of Monkey's Agility.png Monkey's Agility

  • SpiritGuardUdyr.special01
    "Spirits, rise!"
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.special02
    "United as one!"
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.special03
    "Supreme focus!"
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.special04
    "Perfect harmony."

Upon clearing a neutral monster camp

  • SpiritGuardUdyr.jungle01
    "This place is at peace."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.jungle02
    "Return to nature."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.jungle03
    "No spirits linger here."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.jungle04
    "A necessary sacrifice."

Upon killing the Dragon Dragon

  • SpiritGuardUdyr.dragon01
    "We have slain the dragon!"
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.dragon02
    "The dragon is no more."

Upon killing Vilemaw Vilemaw

  • SpiritGuardUdyr.vilemaw01
    "We have crushed the spider."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.vilemaw02
    "This spider will spin no more webs."

Upon killing Baron Nashor Baron Nashor

  • SpiritGuardUdyr.baron01
    "We've destroyed the baron. His spirit is free."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.baron02
    "The Baron's reign is ended."

Champion interactions

Playing against Nidalee Nidalee
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.Nidaleetaunt01
    "A cougar is no match for a tiger."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.Nidaleetaunt02
    "Put those claws away, Nidalee."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.Nidaleetaunt03
    "Nidalee relies too heavily on one form."
Playing against Rammus Rammus
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.Rammustaunt01
    "Whose shell will crack first?"
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.Rammustaunt02
    "An impressive guard."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.Rammustaunt03
    "Not OK, Rammus."
Playing against Volibear Volibear
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.Volibeartaunt01
    "Teach this northern bear a lesson."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.Volibeartaunt02
    "A bear should not need armor."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.Volibeartaunt03
    "The Ursine will know fear."
Playing against Anivia Anivia
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.Aniviataunt01
    "Thaw the Cryophoenix."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.Aniviataunt02
    "Fight ice with fire."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.Aniviataunt03
    "We shall clip Anivia's wings."

Upon placing a ward

  • SpiritGuardUdyr.ward01
    "Keep watch."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.ward02
    "Vigilant eyes."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.ward03
    "The spirits observe."

Upon using Recall.png Recall

  • SpiritGuardUdyr.recall01
    "We must rejuvenate our will."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.recall02
    "A brief meditation."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.recall03
    "To replenish body and spirit."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.recall04
    "The hearth fire calls."

Upon reviving

  • SpiritGuardUdyr.revive01
    "We endure."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.revive02
    "The spirits return."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.revive03
    "We are whole again."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.revive04
    "We are needed."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.revive05
    "We breathe once more."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.revive06
    "Rejoin me spirits."
  • SpiritGuardUdyr.revive07
    "The battle calls."

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match start

  • "What technique do you use?"

Player team victory

  • "Your form is excellent!"

Player team defeat

  • "GG!"