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Champion Background Strategy Skins & Trivia

Skill usage

  • Plan ahead which skills you learn with UdyrSquare.png Udyr. Every ability has five levels but the max champion level is 18, therefore one of UdyrSquare.png Udyr's skills will be not at full power. This may cause players to choose either Tiger Stance.png Tiger Stance and Phoenix Stance.png Phoenix Stance as their main source of damage. Tiger Stance.png Tiger Stance grants single target burst damage plus an attack speed steroid while Phoenix Stance.png Phoenix Stance is useful for sustained AoE damage and clearing minion waves. Depending on the skill build, sometimes it is wiser to have two skills at level 4 than to have one skill at level 3.
  • Repeatedly switching UdyrSquare.png Udyr's stances is important to make use of his passive and boosting his damage. The attack speed buff from Tiger Stance.png Tiger Stance, the shield of Turtle Stance.png Turtle Stance, the movement speed boost Bear Stance.png Bear Stance and the AoE wave damage of Phoenix Stance.png Phoenix Stance persist for their full duration even when switching stances. For example, combining Tiger Stance.png Tiger Stance's buff with Phoenix Stance.png Phoenix Stance allows for faster extra burst from the third Phoenix Stance.png Phoenix Stance hit.
  • You can engage with Bear Stance.png Bear Stance to stun an enemy champion before switching stances or targets. Bear Stance.png Bear Stance's effect has a 6 seconds cooldown for each individual target, so it is a better idea to either stun another champions or to use your main damage stance (Tiger Stance.png Tiger Stance or Phoenix Stance.png Phoenix Stance) during the stun duration.
  • UdyrSquare.png Udyr is a pure melee-focussed fighter. This means he can be very vulnerable to kiting, so try avoid ranged harass and CC and build accordingly. In earlier stages, you should coordinate with your allies to encircle targets or wait for them to initiate.
    • UdyrSquare.png Udyr's lack of ranged gap-closers and his small mana pool can make ganking sometimes problematic. Having strategies for engaging and staying within melee range is crucial.
    • A Flash.png Flash + Bear Stance.png Bear Stance combo is usually very effective during ganking as UdyrSquare.png Udyr's primary problem with ganking is reaching the enemy quickly. Ask the person in the lane you'll gank if the enemy champion has used Flash.png Flash or a similar ability recently to make sure you don't waste yours or you risk your target escaping.
    • UdyrSquare.png Udyr's early damage with Tiger Stance.png Tiger Stance is a force to be reckoned with, especially with high AD runes. A good strategy in early stages of the game involves to make use of movement speed boosting abilities, runes and masteries so you can chase your enemies through the lane or jungle, possibly resulting in a kill.

Build usage

Being a pure melee champion with no ranged abilities, UdyrSquare.png Udyr relies on high movement speed, so he needs to stay mobile and resilient to be useful. Noteworthy, his build options are very flexible as long as they provide a little synergy with one of his stances.

As a full melee, UdyrSquare.png Udyr is best built as either a full tank or a bruiser. Adapt to your enemies and balance your health, armor and magic resistance accordingly.

UdyrSquare.png Udyr can build some offensive items as well. However, if you aren't that confident, always consider survivability over offensive items, as sometimes a wrong build order backfires quickly. Your choice between Tiger Stance.png Tiger Stance and Phoenix Stance.png Phoenix Stance can also affect your build.

UdyrSquare.png Udyr is not very item-dependent as others in the early game. Mana problems might occur but the need of mana and mana regen items decreases gradually. All have mentionable uses, however:

  • If facing mana pool troubles early, consider buying either a Sheen item.png Sheen or Glacial Shroud item.png Glacial Shroud, depending on offensive or defensive needs.
  • A Tear of the Goddess item.png Tear of the Goddess can be considered outside of the jungle as Udyr can easily stack it. When upgraded to Muramana item.png Muramana at late game, the toggle effect allows Udyr to do extreme amounts of physical damage with each auto-attack.
  • If UdyrSquare.png Udyr can access Crest of the Ancient Golem.png Crest of the Ancient Golem in the early to mid-game, you don't need to build any mana regen items at all.

Recommended builds

Summoner's Rift
Starting Hunter's Machete item Health Potion item5 Sweeping Lens item
Essential Boots of Swiftness item Wriggle's Lantern item Locket of the Iron Solari item
Offensive Trinity Force item Wit's End item Blade of the Ruined King item
Defensive Randuin's Omen item Frozen Heart item Banshee's Veil item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item Sight Ward item
The Howling Abyss
Starting Boots of Speed item Doran's Shield item Ruby Crystal item Health Potion item2
Essential Mercury's Treads item Randuin's Omen item Aegis of the Legion item
Offensive Wit's End item Trinity Force item Iceborn Gauntlet item
Defensive Spirit Visage item Frozen Heart item Sunfire Cape item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item
The Crystal Scar
Starting Boots of Speed item Health Potion item3 Ruby Crystal item Long Sword item
Essential Ninja Tabi item Aegis of the Legion item Phage item
Offensive Wit's End item Trinity Force item
Defensive Randuin's Omen item Spirit Visage item Frozen Heart item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item
The Twisted Treeline
Starting Boots of Speed item Cloth Armor item Health Potion item5
Essential Ninja Tabi item Aegis of the Legion item Grez's Spectral Lantern item
Offensive Wit's End item Trinity Force item
Defensive Randuin's Omen item Spirit Visage item Frozen Heart item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item


UdyrSquare.png Udyr is a natural jungler - Turtle Stance.png Turtle Stance allows him to gain his health back. Putting a skill point in it at level two after taking Phoenix Stance.png Phoenix Stance or Tiger Stance.png Tiger Stance at level one ensures effective jungling. He can also solo DragonSquare.png Dragon very early in the game.

Runes and Masteries


  • UdyrSquare.png Udyr is a pure melee champion with no gap closers, and is thus very vulnerable to being kited.
  • Ranged champions have a better chance against UdyrSquare.png Udyr due to his all melee skills.
  • Picking up Tenacity items such as Mercury's Treads item.png Mercury's Treads can reduce the stun duration from Bear Stance.png Bear Stance, and make him a less effective ganker.
  • When laning against UdyrSquare.png Udyr, it can be beneficial to bait him into switching stances to try and initiate, after which you quickly run away. This can easily drain his early game mana pool, forcing him to regain his lost mana by either going back to the fountain or use potions.
  • This can prompt the enemy to focus on leveling up Turtle Stance.png Turtle Stance, lowering UdyrSquare.png Udyr's mid game damage and giving you the advantage in skirmishes.
  • UdyrSquare.png Udyr alternating Turtle Stance.png Turtle Stance and Bear Stance.png Bear Stance is one of the harder champions in the game to chase down - and the stun of Bear Stance.png Bear Stance can easily make you regret chasing him if back-up arrives to aid him. Think very carefully about attempting to commit and kill him, and be very aware of the whereabouts of his teammates.
  • UdyrSquare.png Udyr is vulnerable if he is not attacking or is unable to attack, RenektonSquare.png Renekton can easily counter UdyrSquare.png Udyr on his Bear Stance.png Bear Stance because RenektonSquare.png Renekton's stun lasts longer.
  • Champions who can slow UdyrSquare.png Udyr for an extended period of time (Some examples being AsheSquare.png Ashe, NasusSquare.png Nasus, and KogMawSquare.png Kog'Maw) or can run faster than UdyrSquare.png Udyr (champions like HecarimSquare.png Hecarim and RammusSquare.png Rammus) will be able to gun down UdyrSquare.png Udyr better and run away if necessary. Also SingedSquare.png Singed is a good counter pick for UdyrSquare.png Udyr because UdyrSquare.png Udyr has no major gap closers(Just make sure to buy movement speed items).

Champion spotlight

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Udyr Champion Spotlight

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