• The bonus 15% will refresh on subsequent spell casts.
  • The on-cooldown bonus is gained immediately, stacking with the activation bonus for the duration. Except on Smite Smite if another charge is available.
  • Smite Smite's is not considered to be on-cooldown unless at 0 charges, but consuming either charge will trigger the bonus 15% for 10 seconds.
  • The in-game tooltip reports that you gain 10% Slow Resist while summoner spells are on cooldown, but this is not functional.
Summoner spells Slow immune icon Slow resist Tenacity icon Tenacity
Both available 0% 0%
One activated, other available 15% 23.5%
One on cooldown 0% 10%
Second activated, other on cooldown 15% 32%
Two on cooldown 0% 20%


  • Unflinching has similar effects as the removed Season 2016 mastery Swiftness mastery 2016.png Swiftness.

Patch History

  • Moved to Slot 3 from Slot 1.
  • Moved to the Vitality Slot from Strength Slot.
V7.22 Added
  • Resolve icon Resolve Slot 1 rune.
    • Passive: You gain 15% slow resist and tenacity for 10 seconds whenever you cast a summoner spell.
    • Additionally, you gain 10% slow resist and tenacity for each of your summoner spells on cooldown.
    • The bonuses from Unflinching stack additively with itself.