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Soraka Soraka using the unit-targeted Infuse.png Infuse on Sivir Sivir.

Unit-targeting is the most basic targeting paradigm an ability can have - abilities using this targeting type require a valid target to cast on within range. What constitutes a 'valid' target varies from spell to spell; this list has been separated into subsets depending on what the spell can be used on, with several abilities belonging to more than one group.

Certain spells should not be confused as having the alternate targeting paradigm self-targeting - abilities listed here have the user as just one of the potential valid targets instead of the only one.

Uniquely, Janna Janna's Eye of the Storm.png Eye of the Storm is the only unit-targeted-exclusive ability that can function on allied turrets. Azir Azir's Arise!.png Arise! can also function on towers, but is predominantly a ground-targeted ability. Terrain-targeted abilities can target turrets as well and unlike ground-targeted abilities cannot be cast on ground. Hence they are being listed as subcategory of unit-targeting.

Champion Abilities








Summoner Spells



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