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November 24, 2012
  • I live in Lima, Peru
  • My occupation is Andre : Vet Student, 5 ; Student, 9: Engineer, 1: Engineer, 3: Teacher


Andre5913Five.jpg This user is 5 different people
The original user and most active is the refered by Andre. The other ones are 5, 9, 1 and 3. Andre mainly focuses in commenting and rarely making a blog post. The other persons make the edits. While they are very few, the blog posts are all by Andre

This split was made on 12/08/13 but it has not been mentioned until now (2/26/14)

About Me (Andre)

  • I have been playing LoL for a while alredy, well over 2 years
  • I made the decicion of "spliting" my account  because I'm very busy and lack the time to do much apart from reading blog posts and discusing/commenting.
  • I  introduced  9 and 3 into League of Legends. The other two where alredy in
  • While I did so in the past I no longer make edits, Im too busy. I just make comments around the wiki and very rarely a blog post
  • I  play (only) dedicated support champions
  • I really like Yordles

About Me (5)

  • I'm the younger brother of one of Andre's friends. I tend to make edits on champions strategy pages
  • I play mage champions (not assasins) and supports
  • I like Ionian champions as a whole

About Me (9)

  • I'm Andre's cousin. I rarely make comments. I  make edits on lore and trivia information.
  • I only use champions on subpar roles, such as certain Marksmen as mages or certain Pure Tanks as AP or AD fighters
    • I occasionaly make edits about those subpar roles I do on champs strategy pages.
  • I like Freljord a lot
  • Because I'm very moody and flammish Andre does not allow me to make comments on blog posts.

About Me (1)

  • I'd rather not give any personal details. I like to add little details and addicional information on the champions abilities, like hidden mechanics, sounds they make or anything that is not easy to see. I do a lot of testing

About Me (3)

  • I'm Andre's friend (not related to 5). I also make edits on champions strategy pages, occasionaly on trivia.
  • I play marksmen and jungle champions, but can  more or less perform any role
  • I like Piltover's champions looks and how they work

Final Note

  • Our avatar is is an artwork by DV-Exos :http://dv-exos.deviantart.com/art/Corki-Like-a-Sir-337794603 and gets full credits for it.
  • We all play on Latin America North; We all speak spanish and english.
  • We will refer to ourselves as we in a comment if we are discusing together what to answer. As two of us are roomates this is extremely common

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