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Champion Background Details & Strategy Artwork & Credits



  • The Swarm was designed by Bergmeister.
    • Concept sketches also provided by Bergmeister.
  • FeralPony and the team at Riot for  Omen.
  • Classic Artwork was provided by Murdokx.
  • Emptylord (aka 3mptylord), Rolepeek and Icraig for their contributions.

My Blogs

Custom Champions
  • Avaddon
    The Deathless Prince
  • Averdrian
    The Mind of Oblivion
  • Baron Nashor
    The Exalted One
  • Dimitri
    The Battle Surgeon
  • Ebonmaw
    The Terror of Zaun
  • Finn and Ebb
    The Tidehunters
  • Mutiny
    The Pirate King
  • Nighthawk
    The Winged Fury
  • Nostrilla
    The Bogey Shaman
  • Oberon
    The Faerie King
  • Riah
    The Plight of the Sands
  • Sion
    The Nearly-Headless Axeman
  • Thane
    The Thunder Warrior
  • Tiko
    The Mischievous Sprite
  • Wilros
    The Savant of Demacia
  • Yaga
    The Stray Little Witch
  • Upcoming - Some works in progress may be found here.

  • Azazel
    The Arcanist
  • Dirk
    The Noxian Beastmaster
  • Jolt
    The Lightning Thief
  • Milo
    The Sunfire Alchemist
  • Nex
    The Gravesworn
  • Shang
    The Kung Fu Master
  • Aven
    The King of the Sands
  • Dynasty
    The Spirit Linker
  • Lung
    The Mandrake
  • Marcel
    The Shadow Mime
  • Muzen'Khan
    The Wings of the Abyss
  • Scar
    The Painted Mage
  • Seraph
    The Mana Elemental
  • Zargonil
    The Striker Toad
  • The Command Droid
  • The Damsel of Distress
  • The Heart of the Mountain
  • The Herald of Despair
  • The Puppet Master
  • The Regnant of the Glade
  • The Spellsmith
  • The Voice of the Goddess
  • The Void Support
  • The Witch of the Wastes
  • Out-dated
  • Charlette
    The Oncoming Swarm
  • Halder
    The Whizzard
  • Manthas
    The Master of Prestige
  • Odyssey
    The Hired Gun
  • Prophet
    Avatar of the Ancients
  • Rasper
    The Frightful Ghost
  • Quantum
    The Holomancer
  • Quorra
    The Aegis of Ionia
  • Relic
    The Chronarch
  • Stefan
    The Ironspine Ripper
  • York
    The Bandle Gunslinger
  • Zelos
    The Ionian Sergeant

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