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MCLucky ThFragranceOfDarkCoffee

The Fragrance of Dark Coffee

Hi, I'm formerly known as Lucky Charat, used to be a translator for Defense of the Shrines too. I like Anivia, Cats, League of Legends, Pokemon, Touhou, Classical Music, and a bit of My Little Pony. Have I mentioned that I totally love cats? I'd love having cat ears and a cat tail, oh and cat paws too, best thing in the universe, other than Anivia of course.

I play in the Southeast Asian server and my summoner name's Mineko.C.Lucky, if you're interested.

MCLucky Personified Anivia

I am finally able to draw a very nice personification of my waifu! <3

MCLucky Anivia Parfait

Anivia parfait, yum~

League of Legends Tarot Deck

Discretion: Champion splash arts and the Rune Icon are copyrighted to Riot and its respective employees, I do not own any part of the said artwork other than the layout of the cards. This tarot deck may be copied, printed, edited or redistributed for educational or non-commercial reasons. Renting, selling or using this tarot deck for commerrcial reasons violates any of the aforementioned stated artwork's copyright, and will be subjected to Riot's discretion. Oh, and mention Yours Truly, Mineko Charat Lucky, when someone asks who made it.

MCLucky 0 - The Fool
MCLucky 1 - The Magician
MCLucky 2 - The High Priestess
MCLucky 3 - The Empress
MCLucky 4 - The Emperor
MCLucky 5 - The Hierophant
MCLucky 6 - The Lovers
MCLucky 7 - The Chariot
MCLucky 8 - Justice
MCLucky 9 - The Hermit
MCLucky 10 - Wheel of Fortune
MCLucky 11 - Strength
MCLucky 12 - The Hanged Man
MCLucky 13 - Death
MCLucky 14 - Temperance
MCLucky 15 - The Devil
MCLucky 16 - The Tower
MCLucky 17 - The Star
MCLucky 18 - The Moon
MCLucky 19 - The Sun
MCLucky 20 - Judgment
MCLucky 21 - The World
MCLucky X - My Waifu Anivia
MCLucky TarotBack

Champion Concepts

Use this link to make your own custom champion concept: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Special:CreateBlogPage?preload=User_blog:Mineko_Charat_Lucky/Behold,_a_Sandwich

By the way, if you want to build champion concepts with a custom resource, feel free to leave a message at my talk page. You can also visit the chat, I'm on chat pretty often.

Work in progress: Meiling, the Chinese Girl

Upcoming: Koishi, Koakuma, Kisume, Rumia

Champion requote in progress: Tokiko, an Unnamed Crested Ibis


MCLucky Alice MCLucky Aya MCLucky Chen MCLucky Eirin MCLucky Flandre MCLucky Hatate MCLucky Hina MCLucky Iku MCLucky Kaguya MCLucky Kanako MCLucky Keine MCLucky Komachi MCLucky Lunasa MCLucky Lyrica MCLucky Marisa MCLucky Medicine MCLucky Merlin MCLucky Minoriko MCLucky Mitori MCLucky Mokou MCLucky Momiji MCLucky Nitori MCLucky Patchouli MCLucky Ran MCL reimu MCLucky Reisen MCLucky Remilia MCLucky Rin MCLucky Sakuya MCLucky Satori MCLucky Sanae MCLucky Shizuha MCLucky Suika MCLucky Suwako MCLucky Tenshi MCLucky Tewi MCLucky Tokiko MCLucky Toyohime MCLucky Utsuho MCLucky Eiki MCLucky Yorihime MCLucky Youmu MCLucky Yukari MCLucky Yuugi MCLucky Yuuka MCLucky Yuyuko

Magic the Gathering

MCLucky Shauku MCLucky InkEyes

Sandwich and Friends

MCLucky Sandwich Akali Yukkurelia MCLucky MarySue MCLucky Rickroll

I Miss Those Days ;_;

東方 Defense of the Shrines 【2nd Trailer】 02:25

東方 Defense of the Shrines 【2nd Trailer】

Checklist for Champions

Champion Checklist

Done Owned
119 (100%)
Circle Wanted
0 (0%)
YellowLine Undecided
0 (0%)
Not done Not Owned
0 (0%)

Other Good Concept Designers

Wikia users that I consider equal to or better than me when it comes to creativity and design.

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