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December 31, 2010
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The League of Legends Wiki and myself


I joined the Wiki on the 31st of December, 2010. I was promoted to moderator on March 15th, administrator on March 31st and bureaucrat on July 6th of 2011. I stepped down as bureaucrat on April 6th of 2014 and stepped back up a month later on May 1st.

Editing skills

I'll be the first to admit my actual knowledge of coding and overall wiki things isn't the best but I make do with what I have and am always working on improving. I think my lack of knowledge on what a wiki is and "how it should be run" made me a great admin. I'm not afraid of pushing boundaries and straying from conventional traditions.

I specialize in mass editing, stylizing, communicating and fine details. I'm much more comfortable editing something already made than creating something from the ground up.


My bot NeonSpotlight BotAvatar Neon's Toy

I feel some of my most important contributions are in the comment sections of champions helping other users. In addition to that some of the things I've done include:

League of Legends


My Summoner name is NeonSpotlight, and I have been playing on the US servers since Febuary of 2010. You'll mostly find me playing ARAMs or Teambuilder games nowadays as I prefer the stress-free environment these modes offer. I have around 1700 normal wins, 650 ARAM wins, 350 ranked wins, 350 dominion wins, and 80 teambuilder wins with around a 50% win/loss ratio in each. I placed Bronze in Season 1, Gold in Seasons 2 and 3, and dropped to Silver in Season 4.

I am a support main through and through, even when I'm playing other lanes I usually pick utility champs and let the other members of my team shine.

I frequently visit Reddit as /user/NeonSpotlight and you can view my lolking profile here.

Favorite champions


Skins owned

Alistar UnchainedLoadingAshe SherwoodForestLoadingAnivia NoxusHunterLoadingAnivia TeamSpiritLoadingCaitlyn ArcticWarfareLoadingCho'Gath NightmareLoadingElise DeathBlossomLoadingElise VictoriousLoadingEvelynn MasqueradeLoadingEzreal FrostedLoadingGaren DreadknightLoadingGragas ScubaLoadingJanna FrostQueenLoadingJanna VictoriousLoadingKarma SunGoddessLoadingKarma TraditionalLoadingKatarina BilgewaterLoadingKatarina MercenaryLoadingKatarina SlayBelleLoadingKayle JudgmentLoadingLeBlanc MistletoeLoadingLeBlanc PrestigiousLoadingLeBlanc RavenbornLoadingLeona IronSolariLoadingLux SpellthiefLoadingMordekaiser InfernalLoadingMorgana ExiledLoadingNami KoiLoadingNami RiverSpiritLoadingNidalee LeopardLoadingNidalee PharaohLoadingNidalee SnowBunnyLoadingOrianna GothicLoadingPantheon PerseusLoadingPoppy BlacksmithLoadingSejuani TraditionalLoadingSivir SpectacularLoadingSona SilentNightLoadingSoraka DryadLoadingSyndra JusticarLoadingTaric EmeraldLoadingTristana RiotGirlLoadingTrundle TraditionalLoadingVayne DragonslayerLoadingZilean OldSaintLoading

Champions owned

Champion Checklist
AatroxSquareDone AhriSquareDone AkaliSquareDone AlistarSquareDone AmumuSquareDone AniviaSquareDone AnnieSquareDone AsheSquareDone
AzirSquareDone BlitzcrankSquareDone BrandSquareDone BraumSquareDone CaitlynSquareDone CassiopeiaSquareDone ChoGathSquareDone CorkiSquareDone
DariusSquareDone DianaSquareDone DravenSquareNot done DrMundoSquareDone EvelynnSquareDone EzrealSquareDone FiddlesticksSquareDone FioraSquareDone
FizzSquareDone GalioSquareDone GangplankSquareDone GarenSquareDone GnarSquareDone GragasSquareDone GravesSquareDone HecarimSquareNot done
HeimerdingerSquareDone IreliaSquareDone JannaSquareDone JarvanIVSquareDone JaxSquareDone JayceSquareDone JinxSquareDone KalistaSquareDone
KarmaSquareDone KarthusSquareDone KassadinSquareDone KatarinaSquareDone KayleSquareDone KennenSquareDone KhaZixSquareDone KogMawSquareDone
LeBlancSquareDone LeeSinSquareDone LeonaSquareDone LissandraSquareDone LucianSquareDone LuluSquareDone LuxSquareDone MalphiteSquareDone
MalzaharSquareDone MaokaiSquareDone MasterYiSquareDone MissFortuneSquareDone MordekaiserSquareDone MorganaSquareDone NamiSquareDone NasusSquareDone
NautilusSquareDone NidaleeSquareDone NocturneSquareDone NunuSquareDone OlafSquareDone OriannaSquareDone PantheonSquareDone PoppySquareDone
QuinnSquareDone RammusSquareDone Rek'SaiSquareDone RenektonSquareDone RengarSquareDone RivenSquareDone RumbleSquareDone RyzeSquareDone
SejuaniSquareDone ShacoSquareDone ShenSquareDone ShyvanaSquareDone SingedSquareDone SionSquareDone SivirSquareDone SkarnerSquareDone
SonaSquareDone SorakaSquareDone SwainSquareDone SyndraSquareDone TalonSquareDone TaricSquareDone TeemoSquareDone ThreshSquareDone
TristanaSquareDone TrundleSquareDone TryndamereSquareDone TwistedFateSquareDone TwitchSquareDone UdyrSquareDone UrgotSquareDone VarusSquareDone
VayneSquareDone VeigarSquareDone Vel'KozSquareDone ViSquareDone ViktorSquareDone VladimirSquareDone VolibearSquareDone WarwickSquareDone
WukongSquareDone XerathSquareDone XinZhaoSquareDone YasuoSquareDone YorickSquareDone ZacSquareDone ZedSquareDone ZiggsSquareDone
ZileanSquareDone ZyraSquareDone Key
Done Owned Not done Not owned

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