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Hello! I'm PreservationsWings. I've been using the wikia system since November of 2011. I'm fairly skilled in wikitext use, so if you have a question, just ask!

What do I do on Wikia? I focus on editing grammar, rewriting sentences, and adding new information. I also enjoy talking with other users on the Discussion board.

Who am I in real life? In real life, I am a student. I'm interested in the latest technologies and world news, and want to pursue a career in the aerospace field.

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  1. Avatar Wiki
  2. Avatar Answers Wiki
  3. Pokemon Wiki
  4. Narutopedia
League of Legends

My League Profile

My Summoner name is Sandstrike. I have been playing on the US servers since Season 2. During Season 3, I became more active on the game, and hit level 30, landing myself in Silver IV. I've since dropped to Tier V due to inactivity (Team Fortress 2, man... so addicting...).

Mostly, I play ADC and Toplane, but I've had my moments in the support role. My favorite champion is Rengar, of whom I'm currently saving for. You can see my Lolking page here.

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