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January 2, 2013
  • I live in New Jersey
  • I was born on February 16
  • My occupation is Lol'ing.
  • I am Female, obviously. -_-

About Me

Hey my name on LoL is Dat Panduh :3
I enjoy making custom champions on this page
And yeh. o:

Custom Champions

File:Reinbow Cecilia.jpg

Cecilia, Ionia's Eye (Not finished/Extremely Incomplete)

File:Reinbow clyde.png

Clyde, the Lost Prince of Shurima (Lore not finished/Still more tweaking to be done)

Reinbow Jett.jpg

Jett, the Hotheaded Punk (Lore not finished/Still more tweaking to be done)

Reinbow Sabrina

Sabrina, the Scorching Flame (Still more tweaking to be done)

Xeina, the Twilight Guardian (Extremely Incomplete)

File:Reinbow Screpta Icon.jpg

Screpta, the Necromancer (Lore not finished/Still more tweaking to be done)

Main Champions

Ahri FoxfireLoading
Foxfire Ahri - Mid/Top lane
Riven BattleBunnyLoading
Battle Bunny Riven - Top lane
Teemo PandaLoading
Panda Teemo - Mid/Top/Bot Lane
Elise DeathBlossomLoading
Deathblossom Elise - Top/Mid Lane
Shyvana DarkflameLoading
Dark Flame Shyvana - Jungle/Top Lane
Lissandra OriginalLoading
Lissandra - Mid/Top Lane
Katarina BilgewaterLoading
Bilgewater Katarina - Mid Lane/Top
Sona ArcadeLoading
Arcade Sona - Support

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