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1111kkkk November 20, 2015 User blog:1111kkkk

Tanya - The ruler of the waters 



I -Justice

Passive: Tanya reduces targets damagee by a precentage if she fights while below 30% health  with an enemy champion.

Q -Three spattering strikes 

Tanay's next tree basic attacks lose physycal component gain 700 dash range and deal 100% of Tanya's ad, base amount and precentage of her AP in magic damage.Fist attack knocks her target aside

W - Sea's caress

Tanya suspends hersels into the air for up to 2.5 secons and becomes untargetable and invulnerable.During this time she all her abilities are disabed by the debuff  she .can only reactivate this ability again to land to the ground again dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies based on the duration of  being suspended. This debuf is cannot be removed by cleaning effect and cannot be reduced by tenacity.

E - Tilt

Tanya increases her armor and magic resist for few second. During this time if an enemy champion cast a spell on her she returns magic damage to the caster.

R -  Death trap

Creates a water pool on the graund that suddenly slows enemies for 1.5 second dealing them magic damage.

Tanya is number one!

Tanya rulz!

That's what residents of  all the oceans and seas of Runeterra said about their leader. She is not an ordinary human. she has the posibility to breathe under wather... To be continued.

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