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    so ihave this new i dea for a champ i would like to know if anyone has a way to get in touch with riot about this granted while i understand they cant use my idea bc it is mine they can use something similar.

    My I idea for champ is Called HaYwIrE spelled like this on purpose youll see in a min please read on.

    lore once a man a tinkerer a shop laborer who worked as a janitor H.A. Ywiremann was a stupid worker whom worked for a robotics co. he was a stupid and not very bright indivigual he also had a spilt personality disorder and sever depression with schitzophrenia. one say he caused an accident at work at this place which was deep down in the deep recesses of noxia a very costly accident destroying the noxian militarys new wepon that hey t…

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