Just an Idea for a Champion. I have no idea how to use the wiki so I will just right everything as neatly as possible here. I do not care much for feedback, I just thought of some cool* things and put them together, and I think its kind of overpowered all ready. Actually, leave some feedback about his/her/it's kit synergy.

  • what I think is cool

Whoever, the whatever (w/e)

Passive - If this champion has vision of an enemy champion for 7/5/3 seconds, they are marked.

Q - Champion sinks into his own shadow and travels behind enemy target, in melee range (in the same way maokai's snare works, but just instead of a ball of leaves etc. its his shadow on the ground) He deals initial damage on impact, and procs the mark (if champion was marked) if not, marks the champion. If he procs the mark, the enemy champion takes additional damage equal to 10/15/20/25/30% of his total AD (physical damage all day)

W - Passive: Autoattacks now deal .5/1/1.5/2/2.5% of enemy champions maximum health, damage to marked targets. 

Active - Mark a Target. Also, slow their ass by 20/25/30/35/40% (just their ass, doesnt affect their movement speed) (wat)

E - Creates tenticles from underneat that surround him, dealing constant physical damage and gives him a 10/20/30/40/50% movement speed boost that decays over 5 seconds, damages only for 5 seconds. 

R - Grabs target champion (slightly over melee range) and suppresses them for three seconds (channeled, so he suppresses himself also) He deals constant physical damage to the target, and also takes reduced damage FROM ALL SOURCES by 25/50/75%. Once the effect is over, he deals half of the damage he reduced from all sources to the suppressed champion. If marked, he deals MORE PHYSICAL DAMAGE equal to 25/50/75% of all damage he reduced. 

If you nerds dont understand how it works, i'll break it down for you

While ult is active, say, for example, he takes 500 damage. How much damage will he return?


1 ult deals - 125 damage (500 x 25%),

Level 2 - 250 (500 x 50%),

Level 3 - 375 (500 x 75%)

if marked, 

Level 1 - 31.25 (125 x 25%)

Level 2 - 125 (250 x 50%)

Level 3 - 281.25 (375 x 75%)

what do the pleb LoL community think? pls no h8