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  • 7toony


    This is a thread I started about a small, but special feature in older spotlights from last year. The champion would state his/her/its name and title. Most other spotlights have quotes at the end for the viewer's amusement. In my opinion, I really miss these things and I wish they would come back as it would add more quality and personality in the videos. Some find these features to be a little cheesy, but they still feel a little nostalgic. What are your opinions about these small details?

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  • 7toony

    For Ionia!

    December 29, 2011 by 7toony

    You'll never know what you'll get when you don't have a 5-man premade team. A few weeks ago, my brother, my friend's friend and I wanted to play some League. We were depressed because we lost 3 games in a row. Josh (my friend's friend) decided to go "Screw this. I'm playing AD Kennen." Once the champions we locked in, we knew that it would be a fun game. Why? Even though we were playing with people we didn't know, our team consisted of Ionians. I was Akali (Blood Moon is da best), my brother Chris played Udyr, Josh was, of course, Kennen, and the random two people were Ahri and Master Yi. Kennen took top, Ahri went mid, Yi went into the jungle, and Udyr laned with me. Oh, did I mention that my brother does not trust turtle stance? He rarel…

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  • 7toony

    Experiences with Karma & Sona

    September 5, 2011 by 7toony

    I just had to talk about this since I did receive guidance about who to purchase here on the Wiki. Ever since I bought Karma and Sona, I learned a lot more about the game than I did before I got them.

    Let me start by talking about Sona. Even before the sustain nerfs, I didn't think she was good. I used up way too much mana during the laning phase and had issues with it because I lacked the gold for a Philo stone and Tear of the Goddess (once I realized that I needed my partner to get the last hits because I was the support, not the carry). After the nerfs, I suddenly found some hidden potential in Sona. Did you know that I got to be in a team with 4 supports (including me as Sona) and a jungler? Suprisingly, we won! I laned with a Janna (w…

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  • 7toony

    Hey guys! In my last blog post, I asked for your opinion on Karma and Sona. After reading all your comments, I decided to just go ahead and buy both! After trying them out, I realized that they were worth it! I regret nothing! However, I do prefer Karma more than Sona because I like how Karma can transition to an AP mage rather than a pure support. She's really fun and my brother and I make a great team when we lane together as Udyr and Karma (Yes, my brother lanes as Udyr. He doesn't know how to jungle. He's still great, though!). As for Sona... eh, I do better in solo-queue as Karma.

    Anyway, now I am saving up IP for now. I have some purchases in mind, but it's best to focus more on my runes. Right now, I'm considering Morgana, Lux, and O…

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