You'll never know what you'll get when you don't have a 5-man premade team. A few weeks ago, my brother, my friend's friend and I wanted to play some League. We were depressed because we lost 3 games in a row. Josh (my friend's friend) decided to go "Screw this. I'm playing AD Kennen." Once the champions we locked in, we knew that it would be a fun game. Why? Even though we were playing with people we didn't know, our team consisted of Ionians. I was Akali (Blood Moon is da best), my brother Chris played Udyr, Josh was, of course, Kennen, and the random two people were Ahri and Master Yi. Kennen took top, Ahri went mid, Yi went into the jungle, and Udyr laned with me. Oh, did I mention that my brother does not trust turtle stance? He rarely uses it, yet he fared pretty well in the lane. He waited in the brush, stunned the enemy Pantheon and I took care of the rest. AD Kennen dominated the Rumble at top. Josh was thrilled when he found out that his Q could now proc red buff. Our ganking was phenomenal, too! Can you imagine an Ahri, Akali, Kennen, Master Yi, and Udyr all rushing straight at you? It's not a pleasant sight. Gap closers and hastes everywhere! Josh got his Bloodthirsters, Chris became our tank, and I played good ol' AP Akali, bursting down those squishies in seconds. Yi and I got fed and we destroyed the entire enemy team on our own. Josh simply found his stuns to be a convenience. It gave him more time to auto-attack. The good thing about AD Kennen was that he was able to get full stacks on his Bloodthirster and he could destroy towers almost as fast as Yi. We got Baron, we aced the enemy team, and we destroyed an entire lane in a matter of seconds. I wish I recorded the video, because it's more fun if I could show you guys instead of telling you. Regardless, one of my best games as Akali ever. In the end, we all shouted "FOR IONIA!" and did our /l commands around their Nexus. So yeah, Ionia FTW. Felt like telling someone about it. :P