Tossed into the void at a young age by an evil void sorcerer, Ophelia was plagued by the nightmares around her for decades before her body began to warp and adapt to its twisted environment. Her mind already a shadow of its former self, her body followed it into a dark form, scales erupted over her pale skin and horns protruded from her scalp as her hair withered to dark wavy strands like web. She was as much a beast on the outside as she was in her shattered mind. One day when wandering in the darkness she found a crack in space, eager to see something different than her maddening surroundings she leapt through into Valoran and more specifically the city of Demacia. Confronted by the Elite guard after scaring some citizens she lashed out, attacking their half dragon leader. The guard shocked by her magical brute strength and absolute madness they fled. She continued her quest across Valoran, hindered by her lack of communicative skills and hideous form she encountered conflict wherever she went. Eventually when she had given up on the close minded peoples of Runeterra prepared to return to the void, she was summoned for a higher calling. And thus her journey into to league of legends began, hopefully there she could gain some understanding.

"Never did such a horror walk the fields of battle, and never did so many tremble in her wake." Shyvanna the half dragon