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    Malik the Sentinel

    October 30, 2014 by 873037

    Malik the Sentinel Passive - Fallen Arrows: Malik's basic ability againts enemy champion leaves behind "Fallen Arrow", "Fallen Arrows" provide vision of an area of 100 range. "Fallen Arrow" last for 1 min.

    Q - Strife:Malik fires 5 arrows dealing pyhsical damge in a line additional damage from the first arrow deals 75% less damage.

    Note: if fired in line of a "Fallen Arrow" the range of "Strife" increases by 250.

    W - Vault:Malik back leap in a targeted direction.

    Note: Picking up a "Fallen Arrow" provides Malik with one additional charge of "Vault"

    E - Tremor: Malik release a arrow to the ground that travels to a target location. While travelling the arrow force the ground to trumble slowing all enemies in its path. While reaching the target loc…

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