Malik the Sentinel Passive - Fallen Arrows: Malik's basic ability againts enemy champion leaves behind "Fallen Arrow", "Fallen Arrows" provide vision of an area of 100 range. "Fallen Arrow" last for 1 min.

Q - Strife:Malik fires 5 arrows dealing pyhsical damge in a line additional damage from the first arrow deals 75% less damage.

Note: if fired in line of a "Fallen Arrow" the range of "Strife" increases by 250.

W - Vault:Malik back leap in a targeted direction.

Note: Picking up a "Fallen Arrow" provides Malik with one additional charge of "Vault"

E - Tremor: Malik release a arrow to the ground that travels to a target location. While travelling the arrow force the ground to trumble slowing all enemies in its path. While reaching the target location it knock up all enemies in the area dealing pyhsical damage.

Note: if "Tremor" is cast on top of "Fallen Arrow" it explodes gaining additional range on it AoE damage and rooting all enemies in the area of explotion.

R - Arrows of Armegedon: Malik first jump into the air towards a target location upon reaching mid air he releases hail of arrows that deals base pyhsical damage in area.

Note: if "Arrow of Armegedon" is cast with 2 extra charge of "Vault" Malik will releases another set of arrows dealing 25% less damage on the same area while mid air.