• 92garfield

    Hello folks,

    I was looking for ways to optimize my Jungle runes when I noticed, that we don't have a lot of Information about the Jungle Monsters. In order to gather all information I created this page so anyone can add what he got. The only way I see (with reasonable effort) is writeing down the data from ingame. As Monsters don't change while alive, we also need the time the Monster is spawned with the attributes.

    I created a Page for everyone intrested to add Data. User:92garfield/Jungle_Monsters_Progression

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  • 92garfield

    I found it relatively hard to find an explanation on how to create a template and Leia - 零亜のレサンテョスイア™ said it would be nice if I made a blog about this.

    The only thing I expect you to know before reading this is how to edit pages in general using existing templates, including such that need parameters as ().

    I recommend reproducing the examples on own sandboxes for better understanding.

    A template page is created as any other page, you can create them on your sandbox for testing purposes. However when creating templates for public use, you should prefix it with "Template:" so it looks like Template:Pending_for_test but can be used as ]] 20:07, March 26, 2012 (UTC)

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  • 92garfield

    The Influence Points wikia page is low on numbers, I wish to fix that.

    In order to do so, I need to know the IP gains of as many games as possible, the missing values are on following Fields of Justice or game modes:

    • Twisted Treeline
    • Dominion

    If you want to help me collecting the required data, send me a screenshot via e-mail (92garfield@wikiainformation.tk) or post a comment here. Also state the gamemode and the field of justice you played on.

    If you don't feel like sending me a screenshot, I need detailed data about IP gained.

    The overall IP gained is splitted up, you should state them all with name and amount.

    As an example a normal game on Summoner Rift grants IP in at least two categories (three if you got first win of the day). While a Domi…

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  • 92garfield

    For the IP gain we could either link some tables showing IP gain for any mode and any game time like this or we could use a much smaller table directly on the page, showing the values to be used in the formular.

    Maybe we have some better options here I don't know about, like a Javascript calculator (I know more than enough JS to do that, just don't know if that would be a option here).

    Formular: [base IP] + ([IP / min] * [gamemode modifier] * [game time in minutes])

    Field of Justice Summoners Rift Twisted Treeline Dominion
    [IP / min] 2.312 2.312 ?

    The game time is always rounded down, meaning a game of 35:59 grants the same amount as a 35:00 minutes game.

    Classic Normal Custom
    Base IP 18 0
    Modifier 1 .75

    [base IP] = 7


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