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Gathering information for Influence Points page

92garfield February 26, 2012 User blog:92garfield


The Influence Points wikia page is low on numbers, I wish to fix that.

Missing Data

In order to do so, I need to know the IP gains of as many games as possible, the missing values are on following Fields of Justice or game modes:

Contact me

If you want to help me collecting the required data, send me a screenshot via e-mail (92garfield@wikiainformation.tk) or post a comment here. Also state the gamemode and the field of justice you played on.

If you don't feel like sending me a screenshot, I need detailed data about IP gained.

The overall IP gained is splitted up, you should state them all with name and amount.

As an example a normal game on Summoner Rift grants IP in at least two categories (three if you got first win of the day). While a Dominion's IP gain is splitted in three categories as you gain some "Dominion" bonus.

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