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    Fletch the Flaming Bowmaster

    November 27, 2012 by A2707

    Fletch is a ranged manaless carry, the first of it's Kind. I'm not a balance master, but I will try to make this Flaming Archer balanced. His kit features Burn, Fire-Type abilities long ranged scout and the ability to focus fire a target down. Upon leveling his ultimate, he unlocks his secondary resource bar, the Hellfire Arrows.



    Fletch gains 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 bonus Attack Damage. This passive is disabled while Burning Shot is toggled on.

    |description = Fletch enchants his arrows with fire, applying Burn on each auto-attack. Burning targets take Magic Damage over 3 seconds. |leveling = |cooldown=2 |costtype=Manaless }}

    Fletch engulfs himself in a Fireball and dashes forward with a speed of 700 units per second, dealing Magic Da…

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  • A2707

    Dimitri, The Nature Warrior is one of my Champion Concepts for League of Legends. I don't have a Splash Art for him yet, and I'm still working on his stats. What can i say for now is that he is a Melee Fighter with some crowd control abilities, able to dash, slow, knockup and even walk around the map while underground using his ultimate. The ultimate, Nature Hunter, uses a new targeting skillshot mechanic: after pressing the ability icon, your cursor begins to shine, and you can draw the path for Dimitri to follow the way you want. To draw, maintain MOUSE1(left click) pressed and draw a line with a maximun of 2000 range. The line may ignore walls, but it will cancel the ability if the line ends in a wall. To cancel the path at any time, pr…

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