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  • AHarmlessTaco
    Akali gains |% per 100 AP)}}}} of her bonus AD}} as bonus movement speed outside of combat.

    |description2 = Akali's basic attacks deal |% per 100 AP)}}}} of her AD|AD}} as bonus on-hit magic damage.

    |targeting =

    • Sustain swapped for mobility as per fighter vs assassin gameplay elements.
    • Passive is still subject to change but I figured I would just fix the broken part and leave it be for now.


    Akali throws her chained kama in a line, retracting it at the end of its trajectory. Upon its return, the kama impales itself on the first enemy or terrain it collides with, tethering Akali to them for up to 2 seconds and dealing physical damage if it impaled a unit.

    |description2 = While tethered, Akali may cast or . Doing either will break the tether. |descriptio…

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  • AHarmlessTaco

    seconds without acting or being acted upon, he gains stealth. Teemo retains stealth so long as he doesn't move or act, including if he is . If Teemo is within a brush, he may move within the brush without breaking stealth.

    |icon2 = Toxic Shot.png |description2 = KUMUNGU TOXINS: Teemo's basic attacks his target for 3 seconds on-hit. Enemies by Kumungu Toxins take level}} level}}}} magic damage per second and are for the duration of the . Subsequent applications refresh and extend the 's duration by 1 second, up to 5 additional seconds, for a maximum of level}}}} level}}}}}}} magic damage over 8 seconds.

    |targeting =

    • The stealth mechanics here are the same as live, I pulled this directly from the current Wiki.
    • The fairest way I can s…

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