• ALpha2 Zilean

    Irvin – the Magix unleashed/ the afrit unleashed

    Years ago, Zilean accidentally traveled to the future in which he saw the inadvertent release of an overpowering demon, an afrit, from the scroll of the Rogue Mage, Ryze. The demon devastated everything in it’s wake. The champions gave their everything to stop him but they can’t even put a scratch to it. Ryze tried to confine the demon in his Rune prison but nothing happened. Seeing this, Zilean traveled back to that present time and informed the Rogue Mage about it. Ryze told him that he knew well that there is a very powerful demon concealed within the scroll and that it’s name is Ramuthra. He explained that everytime he uses desperate power, a forbidden magic, the chains that bound Ramuthra …

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