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    Delia, the Hextech Avenger is the concept for a ranged marksman in League of Legends. (She is abusable as an APC, though. I like trollbuilds.)

    Like Vayne, she is designed to be a lategame champion. She is an extremly strong duelist which can even take down a tank in a few seconds. However, she is not able to outplay three people simultaneously, suffers under high cooldowns and dies easily when focused by an AP-Carry.
    To help her early game and awful sustain (lifesteal items are useless on her), she has some tools to harass her lane opponents and escape from dangerous situations.

    Sorry for possible grammar mistakes, English is not my native language. I am working on a lore, too.

    Here the TL;DR-Version: Delia is a Jinx-aged girl with aristocratic…

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    Hello, dear feeders, facecheckers, flamers and leavers! (Did I forget anyone? Doubt that.)

    In this little post I come up with several suggestions for future champion balancing processes. Of course, this is pretty much subjective, but I hope that some people will agree at some points, especially Riot people. (Not that I really think that a Riot guy would read this dumb wall of text... however.)

    To imitate a "real" bunch of patchnotes as realistic as possible, I will explaining several suggestions in italic notes.

    Sorry for the grammar mistakes. I am German. Feel free to correct me if I write something really shitty.



    • Old Twisted Treeline is now availible again in Custom Mode
    • Players are now able to choose one of t…

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    Xixi, the Dimension Jumper

    October 12, 2013 by APMumuOP

    Xixi, the Dimension Jumper is a suggestion for a champion in League of Legends.

    (Sorry for probably many mistakes in the grammar, I am German.)

    Attributes: Ranged, Mage, Anti-AD

    Xixi creates a small explosion in an selected area, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit and silencing them for 1 second.

    When Xixi stands within the explosion radius, the cooldown is reduced by 3.5 seconds. |leveling = |cooldown=6 |cost=40 |costtype=Mana |range=700? |explosion diameter=about 50 }}

    Xixi's body flickers, increasing her tenacity. This bonus is doubled when she drops below 30% health and stacks multitively with other tenacity sources.

    |description2 = Xixi creates an energy wave that surrounds her. All enemies struck take magic damage and have their move…

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