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December 26, 2013

    Yasuo is disgusting

    December 26, 2013 by AXE MURDERER

    Edit: As a lot of people seem not to be reading the blog, I'm going to clear up the most common misconception first. I play Yasuo, he is a lot of fun, you should try it. I don't need any advice on how to counter him. 

    I'm a player who has always played to within a sliver of my power in toplane. What I mean is, I'm as aggressive as I can possibly be without dying. This generally means I ward up and go full offense on the enemy, going for kills while paying less attention to CS as I could be. This means I'll usually (60% of the time) be leaving lane something like 3/1/2, but be down 15% of the CS as my other laners. This is a playstyle I'm very comfortable with.

    But Yasuo, whew.

    There isn't a single other champion in the game who I feel it's ac…

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