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    Ganran the Void Zombie

    September 20, 2016 by Absolved

    Ganran the Void Zombie

    “They turned me into a monster. I’ll make them regret it.”


    In the land of Kaladoun lived a small group of people who called themselves the Saimin.  Originally dwellers of Ionia, the Saimin were forced to leave their homeland after the Noxian Invasion.  Ganran's father, Yudo, who was also considered as the most powerful Saimin at the time, used all of his power to control the minds of the Noxian soldiers who tried to attack his tribe.  Through his efforts, the Saimin were able to hijack one of the Noxian ships.  However, as they sailed to the land of Kaladoun, the strain of using all of his power in order to repel the invaders caught up with Yudo.  He died three days after they arrived in Kaladoun.  Stricken by grief, Yu…

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