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    This is just a very simple yet meaningful blog.

    I respect all the champs in LoL for they serve a different purposes in the game. Today, I will ask all of you. 

    Have you seen this champs lately? , , ?

    I wanted to try them on one game it was totally different for they can't catch up with the current meta and ever since champs like went out. Everything changed for them.

    Games are now much faster and more aggressive.

    And I don't want to lose champions like them. Renekton would survive but the other 2 I doubt especially on Xerath's case. It's like they have been abandoned

    P.S. Sorry about the drama. I just love playing LoL by heart and it saddens me to not see these amazing champs anymore. :(

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    Yes. The long awaited Season 3 finally came out and it brought with it so many changes that some of us just can't cope yet.

    I majored in jungle before and when I played a game using with a and 5 I sucked really bad and no one would leashe. I know I might have done something wrong but yeah I found it really hard to cope with and I was delayed in gold and item run by at least 7 mins.

    Also with the new items manipulations like and the disappearance of the Ghostblade (formerly the main recipe for the ). Finding it very hard but I needed to stay in tune of the game. In addition to that,there are ceratin items that now have active effects like (which is really cool). Overall,the season 3 came out with good and bad outcomes. Namely one of the …

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    Chaos, the War Rider

    November 25, 2012 by Accrepower

    % lifesteal. }}

    Jumps to a target location. Upon arrival,swordlike spikes spring out beneath Chaos' feet.

    |leveling = |cooldown= |cost=100 |costtype=Mana |range=550 }}

    Ripping the very fabric of the universe to temporarily summon your ancient shield. Blocking damage for 10 seconds

    |leveling =


    |cooldown=8 seconds after shield expires |cost= |costtype=Mana }}

    During a visit in 1800's Chaos came accross an empty and broken pistol,seeing as an opportunity to make a new weapon. He infused it with his own powers and a powerful was born.

    |leveling = |cooldown=15 seconds |range= 600 }}

    There comes a time where legends become true and that nightmares drift to reality only to be witnessed with awe. That others would lose their sanity and be ruled ov…

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    Hello Everyone

    I have been a LoL player for about a year and a half and I've seen many changes to it and I am also happy with it but, now that the LoL community has expanded so vast that more and more people are playing,I have no grudge against that, but what irritates me alot is that the new people's expectation about LoL is just about the kills and wins. For the hundreds of games that I have played, I have encountered many of what we call in our server "The Bloodless". We called them that because all they do is charge on you and kill you even if it costs their team a vital advantage, I know that the creators of LoL came from Dota,which is actually Steve "Guinsoo" Feak, and that Guinsoo actually explained that the playstyle of LoL would be…

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    Obitus, the Last Judgement is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Obitus releases a sliver that damages a single target over time for 4 seconds. If the target remains near Obitus within 600 AOE,the target will be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

    |cost=90 |costtype=mana |cooldown= |leveling =


    Obitus creates a pit that leads to the souls that he has punished and condemned through his time. All enemies that pass the pit are grabbed by the damned souls causing them to get slowed and damaged. Enemies that stay for the full duration of 3 seconds will get rooted for 1 second.

    |cost= |costtype=mana |cooldown=14 seconds |leveling = }}

    Shoots out dark energy in a straight line. Damaging all enemies caught in the path. Damage is reduced by 9% with each en…
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