Hello Everyone

I have been a LoL player for about a year and a half and I've seen many changes to it and I am also happy with it but, now that the LoL community has expanded so vast that more and more people are playing,I have no grudge against that, but what irritates me alot is that the new people's expectation about LoL is just about the kills and wins. For the hundreds of games that I have played, I have encountered many of what we call in our server "The Bloodless". We called them that because all they do is charge on you and kill you even if it costs their team a vital advantage, I know that the creators of LoL came from Dota,which is actually Steve "Guinsoo" Feak, and that Guinsoo actually explained that the playstyle of LoL would be much more aggressive due to short cooldowns and extensions of 3 more skills in the arsenal of each champ and with the addition of runes and masteries.

The days of playing safe in LoL are over,as I have seen in any servers, The bloodless are spreading and fast. It annoys me(and i think not only me) that team synch and coordination doesnt matter, Riot themselves are turning people into this bloodless, they keep making champs that are: High damage,Versatile stats and incredible low level difficulty. Its ridiculous!

The tiring

Due to having difficulty with retards,I began to tire in playing LoL as I can't stand debating with an idiot,they will just pull me down to their level and beat me with experience,can't argue with that. The bloodless always have reasons to escape their outworldly stupid moves and reasons

Do you guys agree with me? I know some people might now experience what I am experiencing but I know you went through it at some point of your gaming life. If this still continues for the next 2 months,I will surely quit LoL and goodbye to the games I used to play where I would struggle for a 65 minute game where everyone is smart-playing and no one is just there to troll.