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Bruiser Quinn?

Okay so I was looking over Quinn's skillsets and AD ratios, and I was wondering whether or not a bruiser style Quinn could be viable. Considering that her AD ratios are decent, passive damage is high, and her ultimate turns her into a melee fighter with a massive AS steriod from Heightened Senses,  I figure that it would be possible to have a toplane bruiser/offtank Quinn.

Example build(s) that I came up with off the top of my head:

Standard: Boots/3 pots -> Phage/Brutalizer -> Blade of the Ruined King -> Frozen Mallet -> Black Cleaver -> Bloodthirster -> Warmogs/Last Whisper

Tankier start: Cloth armor/5 pots -> Berzerkers Greaves+Phage -> Frozen Mallet -> Bloodthirster -> Black Cleaver -> Randuin's Omen -> Blade of the Ruined King/Banshee's Veil/Mercurial Scimitar

I know this isnt much to work with as of right now but I'm open to constructive criticism as to whether or not an offtank/bruiser Quinn is viable.

EDIT (3/5/13): Other possibly viable items— Trinity Force, Iceborn Gauntlets, Atma's Impaler (when combined with warmogs and/or randuins), Zephyr. Note that I have not tested these items, so again I am looking for feedback on viability/strength of these items.

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