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  • Aciong forCE

    I don't know if it's because of a bug but the new bots are now suicidal compare to before the patch.

    I mean, I like how they learned to dodge. But they also learned to turret dive, dive swarms of minions or champions for no reason. For example even before the minions arrive at 1:56, at 1:20 you can get first blood because if u attack them at their turret they will follow you all the way to YOUR turret - hence the quick first blood (you can also go to their turret to get shot 1 time and then go back to your turret, they would follow you there as well).

    I mean some will enjoy just massacring them, but isn't it kind of lame if their that easy to kill now? And also I don't know if any of you had seen this, but sometimes the bot will just stand …

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  • Aciong forCE

    these was actually what i posted earlier in LoL NA general discusiions. it got covered by most threads -_- so I will just post it on wiki since it gets better chances to be read here.

    As the season came, so did many changes came as well. mostly the introduction of new support items. And although all these new changes are very helpful they are still UNBALANCE. the starting support items like ancient coin start of at 365g giving you only room for 1 sight ward and 1 mana potion plus the lens the support bought and the warding totem the adc bought. Now, whats the problem with this you ask? the early starting support item cost too much which then lead to few sight ward and mana potion being purchase which leads to an early defensive gameplay. No…

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