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the new patch bots are too suicidal

I don't know if it's because of a bug but the new bots are now suicidal compare to before the patch.

I mean, I like how they learned to dodge. But they also learned to turret dive, dive swarms of minions or champions for no reason. For example even before the minions arrive at 1:56, at 1:20 you can get first blood because if u attack them at their turret they will follow you all the way to YOUR turret - hence the quick first blood (you can also go to their turret to get shot 1 time and then go back to your turret, they would follow you there as well).

I mean some will enjoy just massacring them, but isn't it kind of lame if their that easy to kill now? And also I don't know if any of you had seen this, but sometimes the bot will just stand there even if you attack them. I think the patch really mess them up.

What do you think?

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