• Ado edem

    Next ultimate skin?

    June 8, 2013 by Ado edem

    Hi, this blog is just to filter down the champions of what Morello hinted at the next legendary champions. 


    Here, he said that the next ultimate skin will be melee and the fourth letter of a spell is E.

    So heres a list of champions that has E in their fourth letter spell and is melee.

    Blitzcrank - Power Fist

    Dr. Mundo - Infected Cleaver

    Evelynn - Hate Spike

    Kha'Zix - Unseen Threat

    Lee Sin - Safeguard

    Leona - Shield of Daybreak

    Mordekaiser - Mace of Spades, Creeping of Death

    Nidalee - Javelin Toss, Takedown, Aspect of the Cougar

    Olaf - Undertow

    Rammus - Powerball, Defensive Curl

    Rengar - Unseen Predator

    Rumble - The Equalizer

    Talon - Rake

    Udyr - Tiger Stance, Phoenix Stance

    Vi - Excessive…

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  • Ado edem

    Third champion idea. Based off on fate/stay night. Constructive feedback please :D.

    Archer, the Wrought Iron Hero is a custom champion in League of Legends wiki.

    Increases attack damage and attack speed per stack. Every 20 second or when Kanshou and Bakuya is used, one stack is added to a max stack of 5. When the stack is maxed, Overedge can be used.
    Throws Kansho & Bakuya at the enemy and deals physical damage.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = 10

    |cost = 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70

    |costtype = mana

    |range = 600


    This skill can only be used once per Bow Stance. When activated, Archer gets 5 stacks of Hrunting. Archer gains bonus attack range, attack damage and attack speed penalty based on the number of stacks missing. One stack is used every autoattack(First b…

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  • Ado edem

    Hello. This is my second idea for a champion. All of these are reference from the series fate/stay night or fate/zero. Again, it feels very op... Dont rage at me :D.

    Lancer, the Blue Spearman of the Wind is a custom champion in League of Legends wiki.

    Whenever Lancer autoattacks, he has a 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% to bleed the enemy for 5 seconds.
    Lancer's basic attack deals bonus damage and grants him increased attack speed for 3 seconds. If the enemy already has at least one stack of Target Locked, This attack does 5 hits instead of 3. Can apply Target Locked on the enemy.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 seconds

    |cost = 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60

    |costtype = mana

    |range = 300


    Lancer does 20% more damage to shielded targets (I…

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  • Ado edem

    Hi, this is one of the ideas i have for a champion. It feels op, but i just want to put it out there to get some feedback.

    Do note that this champion idea may be very op. Dont rage at me. Thanks :D.

    Saber, the King of Knights is a custom champion in League of Legends wiki.

    Saber uses the stance system.

    Only one stance can be active at a time(Persistent Effect of the skill immediately changes to the one that is active). Stance activation effects lasts for their entire duration.

    Q is automatically learned at level 1.

    Saber hides her blade with wind, granting bonus attack damage, critical strike chance and attack range.
    Doubles the effect of her Persistent Effect (4 Seconds) (Attack range does not gain this effect) Saber's Next attack allows her to…

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