• Aerolite08

    Teemo Adjustment Ideas

    December 1, 2013 by Aerolite08

    I posted something like this on the LoL forums but it's lost somewhere in a sea of endless posts. It will be here too, and I'm not really expecting anyone to read it but I figured what the hell. I have a ton of fun playing Teemo in non-ranked modes and while I have found a great new bruiser build for him, often feel that he could use a few smaller adjustments to be more capable.

    His range makes him a bit too short to be a proper ADC, the thing I was recently using him for, but he certainly has the squishiness that goes with that role. Riot currently classifies him as an ADC/Assassin, which I swear was ADC/Mage not too long ago, so increasing his range to 550 would put him (or at least his range) in line with a great many other ADCs. Below ar…

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