• AgentMike

    I would really like to see a snake like champion,i know we have cassiopeia but i want one a lot more original and a male one possibly related with cass.Here are some plans I have for him...

    Sathrus The Snake King (Hybrid/Tank/Jungle/Mana Champion/Melee)

    • Passive (Deadly Sword): Sathrus uses his venomous sword to deal additional magic damage every fourth attack.
    • Q Skill (Fang Attack/Poison Ejection): (Active): Sathrus targets an enemy unit. If in melee range it deals magic damage by poisoning his target/He can also eject poison from range but he deals less magic damage and the cooldown is a lot bigger.
    • W Skill (Shed Skin): Passive: Sathrus gains 10( maximum 50 armor) armor each time he upgrades this ability Active: Sathrus sheds his skin while chanel…

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